Long riding boots for performance and comfort

Upgrade your equestrian equipment with a pair of long riding boots from this extensive range. Long riding boots, also called tall riding boots, have many benefits to a rider. They offer great support and stability, meaning that you are able to stay in the correct position with ease, as well as improving your safety while riding. 

Long boots are the standard footwear for competitions and events, so they're an essential part of your riding wardrobe. In this range, you'll find loads of great options of long boots in lots of different styles, such as field boots, dress boots and hunt boots, so you can be sure to find the perfect pair of riding boots for you. 

Field boots

Field boots are designed to reach almost to the knee, and are recognisable by the lacing at the ankles. This offers a rider more flexibility and 'give' at the instep and ankle, which means that they are often the favourite boots to use when jumping as well as use for general riding. Look out for options from your favourite brands, such as Parlanti, Dubarry and Ariat long riding boots. 

Dress boots

Unlike field boots, dress boots typically do not feature lacing. This makes them much stiffer, while also meaning they are well-suited to events such as dressage, as well as just for every day riding. Look out for dress boots with zips, or choose a pull-on pair of dress boots for ultimate ease. Dress boots are usually found in formal black, but you could also come across a brown or tan pair in this range. 

Hunt boots

Hunt boots are very similar to dress boots, except they usually have a cuff at the top and are worn for hunting. Traditionally, hunt boots are black in color with a tan cuff, but you may be able to find other colors if you're looking for something a little different.