Takedown Pin Detent

Make Your Target With a Takedown Pin Detent

The takedown pin is a useful part to have for a new build as a spare or even as a replacement for a lost takedown pin detent. While often overlooked, it is a vital component for your rifle and affects overall shooting performance while keeping your AR15 intact. This small but critical part holds the upper and lower receivers in place, and if youre in the market for a new or used takedown pin detent, eBay has a selection waiting for you 

The AR15 rear takedown pin detent modification 

By design, the takedown detent and spring stay attached to the lower when released. However, the takedown pin is often separated from the receiver and may become lost, which will, in turn, affect your shooting. You may run into instances where youll need a new takedown detent and spring. These come as a set on eBay with varying sizes for different guns. Consider one that comes with spares and includes the spring. The AR15 detent pin tools you need may include a 4-40 tap, a 4-40 set screw, a .05 hex wrench, and a 4-40 die. 

How to choose a takedown pin detent thats right for you 

Each gun enthusiast has specific needs and preferences. When choosing your pin on eBay, remember each one is unique and serves different purposes. Consider the following when searching for a takedown pin detent:  

  • Durability: If you are an ardent shooter who burns through rounds, youll need a tough pin. Choose one made from titanium or high-grade stainless steel.
  • Whats in the package: Choose a package with add-ons such as takedown springs and detents in addition to the pin.
  • Compatibility: While some takedown pins are compatible with most standard AR15 uppers, some are not, so factor this in when you are browsing options on eBay. Refer to your manufacturer for details on compatibility.
  • Experience: If you are just starting out at gun modification, you may want to consider a takedown pin detent with simple mechanics.

Reasons to buy a used takedown pin detent 

Buying used takedown or pivot pin detent springs can help you if you have a lost takedown pin detent and only need that specific part rather than purchasing a whole set. Used detent springs can be found in portions of 10-count and 20-count parcels. Likewise, you may need parts that are for a specific firearm. This can save you time and money when shopping on eBay.