Tailgates & Liftgates for Subaru Outback

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Tailgates and Liftgates for Subaru Outback

The Outback from Subaru is a premium crossover SUV model with an array of stylish trim options, a powerful engine, and excellent control behind the wheel. Subaru Outback tailgates and liftgates are available with a variety of supports and hardware made from durable materials with safety features included. Cleaning your tailgate routinely will help your model to last for a long time.

What are the tailgate styles?

Tailgates for the Subaru Outback wagon come in a variety of different colors with all sorts of lift supports and hardware options.

  • Subaru Outback tailgates are a hatchback style rather than a sedan trunk. As a result, they are curved and allow for both glass and metal components.
  • Lift supports are long, extendable poles that fit into either side of the tailgate so that it can be lifted and held in the upright position. This can be especially handy when you are loading or unloading supplies from the trunk. You will not have to be concerned about the tailgate slipping and coming down.
  • Hardware in the form of brackets and bolts helps secure the tailgate to the back of the vehicle. This provides a sturdy hinge at the top of the Subaru Outback’s tailgate so that instability is not a concern.
What materials are tailgates made from?

As mentioned, Subaru Outback tailgates are made from a combination of durable plastic, metal, and auto glass. Often the glass is tempered so that it is not easily damaged by temperature change, flying objects, or inclement weather. There is typically even a layer of adhesive inside the glass so that it cracks upon encountering objects at a high speed rather than shattering. The metal and plastic involved in the Subaru tailgate’s construction are treated for maximum durability.

How do you clean a tailgate on an Outback wagon?
  • Tailgates are often cleaned as a product of a routine car wash, but can also be washed separately if you encounter especially muddy or rugged terrain that splashes onto the back of the Subaru Outback. To clean the tailgate, mix warm water and soap together into a solution. Apply the solution to a soft sponge and scrub the tailgate until it is clean. Once the dirt and debris are gone, rinse it with clean water. Dry the tailgate with another soft cloth.
  • You may choose to polish the painted parts of the tailgate. To do this, apply polish with a dry, soft cloth in a circular motion. Repeat the process with a second soft cloth to remove any extra polish. Once the coat is completed, allow it to dry in order to provide maximum protection.