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Taillights for Toyota 4Runner

Taillights for a Toyota 4Runner provide your vehicle with sufficient lighting to warn other drivers that your SUV is in front of them at night or in inclement weather. These taillights are available from many makers including AM Autoparts, Philips, Sylvania, and Eagle Eye. There is also a wide selection of bulb types to choose from, including LEDs and incandescent bulbs.

What types of bulbs are available?

When you are choosing taillights for your Toyota 4Runner, there are several types of bulbs for you to select from, ranging from LEDs to halogen:

  • LED: These bulbs are designed to be energy efficient. They consist of a semiconductor that converts electricity into light. LEDs are free of toxic chemicals, and their materials are 100% recyclable. These components are also sturdy and durable, which means that they can withstand rough conditions, such as vibrations and shock. These bulbs produce small amounts of infrared illumination and no ultraviolet light, making them always safe to use. These bulbs can be dimmed, and are fully operational in extreme cold and hot temperatures. LED taillights can run for hours without being hot to the touch.
  • Incandescent: These bulbs use tungsten filaments that are heated and glow whenever electricity is sent through them. The result is a natural-looking pure light with an orange-yellow hue.
  • Halogen: These light bulbs use a quartz envelope that houses a vapor that mixes with tungsten when heat is applied, allowing for a cycle wherein the evaporated tungsten is sent back to the filaments, which creates an energy efficient cycle. Due to the high temperatures used with these filaments, the light appears white and brilliant.
What is a direct replacement taillight?

When getting ready to select one or more taillights for your vehicle, you will notice that many them are available as direct replacements, which means that the taillight was an original manufacturer part by Toyota explicitly designed to fit inside your vehicle. To select the right taillight, you will need to find one that matches the year in which your SUV was released.

Which lens colors are provided with these taillights?

There are a variety of colors for Toyota 4Runner taillight lenses. The most prevalent color is clear. Some additional colors available with these taillights include red, amber, and tinted lights.