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Taillights for Mercury Comet

The taillights on your Mercury Comet play a number of vital roles that help keep you safe while driving. Not only do your taillights signal which way you are turning and illuminate when you hit the brakes, but they also alert other drivers to your Mercury's presence when you are driving on dark roads. When you find yourself in need of replacement taillights, you have many different options to choose from.

What components make up a taillight assembly?

Mercury taillight assemblies are made up of three main components. These components are:

  • Bulb: This is the component that actually illuminates and creates the flashing or blinking glow. There are three different types bulbs that you can choose from.
  • Housing: This component houses the bulb and the lens. It also contains the connections to the battery and alternator so that the lighting works.
  • Lens: This clear or color-tinted acrylic piece seals the bulb in place. In some assemblies, you can remove the lens to replace a burned-out bulb.
What types of bulbs can taillights have?

Depending on the type of assemblies your Mercury Comet has, there are three different types of bulbs that may be available. They include:

  • Halogen: These lights have a small amount of halogen gas inside the glass. When the bulb is lit, the gas causes the tungsten that evaporates off the filament to be re-deposited. This allows the bulb to be used more than once. When turned on, this type of bulb creates a bright light that burns hot.
  • Xenon: These types of bulbs have been installed in vehicles since 1991. They create a bright light in a short period of time. They reach full intensity within 30 seconds of being turned on. An arc of electricity gets sent through a cathode and an anode. The electricity ignites xenon gas inside the bulb, creating the glow.
  • LEDs: These small lights are extremely energy efficient, meaning they do not use much energy from your Mercury's battery or alternator. You can expect these bulbs to last up to 30,000 hours.
What are the differences between OEM and aftermarket taillights?

When you are looking to replace the taillights on your Comet, you may find some options that have the OEM label and some without. There are some differences between the two:

  • OEM: Replacement taillights that were made specifically for the Mercury Comet by the original manufacturer may have an OEM label. The advantages of OEM parts is that they meet the exact specifications of your Mercury Comet, meaning you know the accessories will be fully compatible with your Comet.
  • Aftermarket: Replacement aftermarket parts are made by other companies that did not play a role in manufacturing parts or accessories for the Mercury Comet. These accessories may have different options available, including different finishes and styles.