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Lincoln MKZ Tail Lights

The Lincoln MKZ entered the market in 2006 as the Zephyr and began using the MKZ name in 2007. The MKZ is a five-passenger, four-door luxury sedan available in both gasoline and hybrid models. All models come stock with LED taillights to contribute to the luxury styling.

How do you pick a Lincoln taillight bulb replacement?

First, you need to find what size bulb you need. You can find this information from the Lincoln MKZ owner's manual or you can remove the bulb you intend to replace and inspect it for size information. Because the Lincoln MKZ comes stock with LED taillights, you won't need to get a conversion kit with the bulb.

Understand the light ratings for bulbs and make an appropriate choice. Many LEDs are rated from about 4000K to 6500K on the color temperature spectrum. This means that they put out a cool white light. The higher the rating, the cooler, or bluer, the color temperature. Opting for a color temperature in these ranges will result in a bright white bulb and optimum visibility for your Lincoln.

What are black taillights?

Black taillights are typically euro style, meaning that the cover lens is transparent. In black taillights, this lens is usually smoke. The back bezel is black and in combination with the smoke lens, creates a taillight that looks entirely black when it is off. When in use, black taillights resemble any other euro style taillight and provides ample brightness for safe vehicle operation. These are primarily a style choice for MKZ owners.

What does OEM mean?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and refers to taillights that are made by the same manufacturer as the taillights on a stock Lincoln MKZ. You may also see "OE" used, which stands for "original equipment" and may be used interchangeably with OEM. OEM taillights are exactly the same as the taillights that were installed in the factory when the Lincoln was assembled. Purchasing OEM taillights ensures a seamless fit and functionality.

What is the difference between amber and red turn signals?

Both amber and red turn signals function to alert other drivers and contribute to safe driving. Amber turn signals are more common, especially on stock vehicles, and are universally compliant with safe operating regulations in the U.S. and internationally. The amber light contrasts with the other red and white lights on the Lincoln taillight assembly and is easily seen by other drivers. However, some MKZ owners prefer a different look to their taillight and opt for aftermarket assemblies with red turn signals. Red turn signals are compliant with safe operating regulations in the US. When switching out regulated parts, it is always best to check your local regulations to make sure that your choices result in a compliant vehicle.