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Tail Lights for Lexus LX 470

When one goes dark, you'll want to replace your Lexus LX 470 taillight as soon as possible. Lexus taillights are available from various brands such as Philips, Wagner, WD Express, and Toyota. Such lights can also work well as an option to express your vehicle's personal style.

What bulb types are available for the Lexus LX 470?

There are various bulb types that are available for your Lexus, including:

  • LED: These are designed primarily to be energy efficient. LEDs also use a small amount of energy over an extended time. They use a solid semiconductor that produces illumination when electricity passes through it. LEDs have a solid and durable housing, as well.
  • Incandescent: These consist of a basic wire filament that glows when heated at a high temperature. The colors provided by incandescent bulbs are accurate and natural with an appearance similar to sunlight.
  • Halogen: These bulbs use of a tungsten filament surrounded by a small pouch of halogen gas. Once exposed to electricity, the gas reapplies to the filament, recycling it. These produce whiter illumination as more energy is sent through the filament.
What lens colors do Lexus lights come in?

There are a few colors from which to choose. While red is an easy-to-find color, vehicle taillights are also available in amber and clear.

How do you select the correct taillight assembly?

To choose the right light assembly, it is crucial to find the one that corresponds to your Lexus LX 470 model year. This ensures you will be able to install lights corresponding to your Lexus model year without any problems.

What is an aftermarket part?

This designation refers to the manufacturer who made the item. All parts not made by the original manufacturer of the vehicle, in this case, Lexus, are aftermarket products.

How do you keep Lexus LX 470 lights clean?

No matter how often you use the taillights on your car, you can keep them clean and stop them from clouding over by following a few simple cleaning tips.

  • Wash your car so that the surface is as clean as possible before focusing on your taillights.
  • Place masking tape around the edges just outside of the lamps and then take an abrasive such as sandpaper across the surface.
  • The area will need to be wet as you clean to remove the outer layer of haze. You can also apply some ultraviolet sealant to keep your taillights from clouding over again.