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Tail Lights for Lexus IS250

The Lexus IS250 is a premium luxury car that requires premium lighting. Taillights for the Lexus IS250 come in a variety of styles, including individualized, factory, projector, and black. Regularly cleaning these parts can increase visibility for other drivers which increases your safety.

What are black taillights?

Black styles for the Lexus IS250 shine red, like any other tail light model. However, they appear much darker at first glance. During the daytime, these lights seem black. Black taillights come in a range of different styles and shapes to accommodate a variety of tastes.

What are qualities of projector models?

Projector models include LED, DRL bar, and halo styles. All three of these designs utilize technology to narrow light so that it shines brighter and further behind the IS250. This narrowing is especially helpful in poor visibility conditions such as inclement weather, precipitation, or darkness. LED models refer more to the type of bulb utilized than a specific look. Halo designs use a ring around the center to narrow the beam, while DRL bar styles use a bar at the top of the model.

How do factory models appear?

Factory models typically use a true red lens and a relatively thin, lightly colored bezel. This design provides a standard look that casts a beam efficiently. Factory styles for the Lexus can be found in many different silhouettes to accommodate a range of IS250 model years.

What are individualized models?

Individualized models for Lexus give you the option to pair different bezels with different lenses. Bezels come in a variety of thicknesses and finishes including metallic hues and matte black. Lenses come in varying shades of red, some dark and some light. Being able to create different looks enables you to express your individuality with your vehicle.

What bulbs are compatible with Lexus taillights?

LED, halogen, and incandescent styles are all options for Lexus taillights. LED styles are small and burn brightly for an extended period. Incandescent styles have a soft, slightly yellow light. Halogen styles burn bright white and use a capsule in the center made from quartz to protect the filament.

How do you clean Lexus taillights?

Keeping your lighting clean can improve visibility whether you turn, brake, or just need to be seen in the dark. To clean your headlights, mix warm water and gentle soap without chemicals or bleach together. Apply this solution to the parts directly with a soft sponge or cloth. Rub the parts until they are free of debris. Rinse them with clean water and then dry them with another soft cloth.