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Chrysler Sebring Taillights

The Chrysler Sebring is a line of midsize luxury vehicles that were produced from 1995 to 2010 and includes several generations of Chrysler convertibles, sedans, and coupes. Taillight sizes and styles vary by model and year, with aftermarket taillights available to customize the look of your Sebring. Taillights are major parts of the rear profile aesthetic of the Sebring model and vital in the specs of the Chrysler to the safe operation of the car.

What are the benefits of using LED lights?

  • LED lights offer better visibility for your Chrysler Sebring both day and night, which means a safer drive. LED bulbs give off an array of lights instead of one fixed light source, which translates to better overall visibility.
  • Efficient energy usage is another big benefit to using LEDs. These lights use significantly less energy than halogens, place less strain on your car battery and alternator, and extend the life of both.
  • Buying aftermarket LED tail lights means that you get to customize the look of your Chrysler Sebring. LED taillights are available in a wide array of bulb arrangements and sizes as well as housing colors. Your choice of taillights will provide a definitive style to your vehicle.

What is a euro-style taillight?

Euro-style taillights all have a distinctive look featuring flush glass surfaces that reveal usually black or chrome bezels and a striking geometric style reflected by the uninhibited view of the lamp. They are popular on luxury vehicles, making them a perfect fit for this Chrysler family of cars, and may also be called "Altezza lights" or "clear taillights". Lens covers are often clear, but may also be tinted smoke or black to provide additional styling in conjunction with the lamp grouping and bezel.

What options are available for the third brake light?

  • Without replacing the factory light on your Sebring, you can add a bezel to the outside of the light to give it a different look. Chrome bezels add style and are attention-getting accessories.
  • Aftermarket brake lights with brand-specific LED light configurations create a statement, especially for car enthusiasts. The sporty look of a Chrysler Sebring convertible or coupe is complimented by these kinds of lights and allows the driver to display brand loyalty in conjunction with a performance-oriented style.
  • Aftermarket LED lights offer a more subtle style statement as well as enhanced visibility for the Sebring. These are available in different light-grouping options, though usually features a long distinctive light strip or a small rectangular cluster.