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Chevrolet Camaro Taillights

The headlight and taillight designs of the Chevrolet Camaro are a big part of what makes this iconic car stand out among its competitors. There's nothing quite like the look of the Chevrolet Camaro taillights on as it leaves everyone else behind in its exhaust. It's been part of the appeal of the Chevy Camaro for generations.

How do you change the taillights in a 2011 Camaro?

The process to change the headlight or taillights on the 2010-2013 Camaro models is straightforward. This is a job most Chevy owners will be able to do, without needing any special parts or attachments.

  • First, open the trunk and remove the trim covers over the taillights.
  • Remove the bulb and disconnect the harness from the bulb adapter.
  • Insert the replacement brake light into the adapter and place the adapter back into the brake light housing.
  • Test the parking lights, taillights, and turn signals to ensure they work.
How do you blackout Camaro taillights?

Before attempting to blackout your Camaro taillights, you should first check your local laws to make sure your Camaro is kept up to code. Then, depending on your preference, you can either have aftermarket upgrades like blackout taillights installed or you can purchase a Camaro taillight blackout kit from an aftermarket retailer.

Is it possible to remove the chrome bezel from taillights?

It is possible and not too difficult to remove the rear chrome bezel from your Camaro. Here are the steps you'll need to take.

  • Remove the three plugs on each side of the plastic lid and disconnect the harness between the two taillights.
  • The bezels can be removed once the lid is out of the way and the harness is disconnected.
  • Remove the nuts that hold the tail lamps in and twist the bulbs loose.
  • The taillights should slide right out and the bezel can be fully removed and replaced.
How do you tint Camaro taillights?

The permanent solution would be to have your vehicle wrapped and spray tinted by a professional who specializes in custom auto body work. However, there is also a less permanent way to tint your taillights that is less labor intensive. Tint kits can give the appearance of a professional wrap and tint job without all of the work. The covers are precut to stretch over the lens of your lights and can be made to look nearly identical to a professional job.