A Guide to Buying Tablets

A tablet fills the gap between a laptop computer and a smartphone. With so many tablets on the market, you can easily find one that will fulfill your needs and fit your budget. Check eBay for a wide selection of new, used, and refurbished tablets.

What tablet options are available?

A tablet is a small portable device that has a mobile operating system. It provides connectivity to the internet using a cellular network or Wi-Fi. It uses an LCD touchscreen interface and a virtual keyboard. It is flat, thin, and does not have a lid. Most tablets run via touchscreen, though some Bluetooth accessories like mice and keyboards can be used with them for those who wish.

What should you consider when choosing the right tablet?

As a tablet is essentially a computer, there is a huge host of customization options to choose from. Here are a number of things to consider:

  • Screen size - Tablets tend to run between 7 and 12 inches.
  • Memory - Onboard memory runs from 8GB and up. It is often in multiples of 8. Additional USB slots, SIM card ports, and other external memory ports can be found on some ports.
  • Graphics - High-end graphics like Retina display can be found on some tablets, while others may offer fewer pixels in exchange for a longer battery life.
  • Operating system - Common options include Apples iOS, Googles Android, Linux, and Windows.
  • Battery - Battery life can range from hours to days between charges.

Choosing a tablet with changing technologies

The right tablet for each person will depend on a number of different purposes for the end user. Questions to ask yourself should include:

  • Purpose - Are you using it to stream, to play games, or to perform computing tasks like word processing?
  • Time between charges - How long do you need your laptop to run between charges?
  • Operating system - Do you want it to work on the same operating system as a smartphone you already own?
  • Bluetooth capabilities - Do you need Bluetooth capabilities to run accessories?
  • Screen size - How large do you need the screen to be? Would you rather have a larger screen or a more compact device to slip into a purse?
  • Uses - Are kids using the laptop or will it be used for rugged outdoor use? Do you need something stronger or more waterproof?

One final consideration when choosing a tablet is how new and cutting-edge you want the tablet to be. There are different purchase strategies you can consider. Some will want to buy the newest technology at all times. Others may choose a middle road between newness and price. Others still, especially those with simple computing needs, may find that a refurbished or used computer meets a price point they like and has everything they need to run simple programs. The best tablet for you will be able to complete the tasks you need to do reliably. eBay offers a wide selection of tablets that will do just that.

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