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Got one to sell?

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A tablet fills the gap between a laptop computer and a smartphone. With so many on the market, you can easily find one that will fulfill your needs and fit your budget.

What is a tablet?

A tablet is a small portable device that has a mobile operating system. It provides connectivity to the Internet using a cellular network or Wi-Fi. It uses an LCD touchscreen interface and a virtual keyboard. It is flat, thin, and does not have a lid.

What is an Android tablet?

Designed by Google, it is integrated with cloud-based Google applications. This device runs applications such as front and rear-facing cameras, GPS, web browser, video/voice calls, text messaging, email, weather, calendar, and virtual assistant. Applications are available to install from the Google app store.

Why should I buy a tablet?

The strongest feature this device has is mobility. It is portable and can be used when sitting or lying in any position. A multitude of accessories are available that increase their productivity. Their portability allows you to carry them without the use of a laptop case or power cord. Their larger screens and crisp text make them good e-readers. They have a large storage capacity and the graphics are good for playing movies and music. The battery life is long, averaging eight to ten hours.

What is the Samsung Tab?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a line of Androids produced by Samsung Electronics. The 3G/4G versions have cellular phone capability.

What features does the Android have that the iPad doesn’t have?
  • It runs on the Google operating system instead of the iOS system.
  • It represents a line of products while the iPad is a single product.
  • It has Flash capability and can run videos on YouTube.
  • It has multitasking capability.
Which one is suitable for kids?

The seven-inch Androids are recommended. The Google app store provides access to plenty of games, books, videos, stream shows, and educational apps that are suitable for children. It has excellent parental controls to avoid the viewing of mature content. Its bright display, responsive performance, and long battery life are also essential features that it provides.

How do I choose the right size screen?

Your mobility needs will help determine which size device to get. A seven-inch screen is lightweight and easily tucks away while you’re on the move making it suitable for students and vacationers. It is a good option for reading e-books. It is also a great fit for those with small hands. All seven-inch devices are Androids.

The 10-inch screen is popular with business travelers and can be tucked into a briefcase or backpack. It can run corporate and productivity apps and is an excellent size for viewing videos and playing games. The split keyboards allow you to still thumb type.

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