Tablet & eReader Accessories

Tablet and eBook Accessories 

What Kinds Of Accessories Are Available For Tablets And eBook Readers?

Popular accessories for tablets and eBook readers include cases and covers, screen protectors, keyboards, docking stations, chargers, mounts, styluses, and adapters. Some products serve multiple functions. For example, some docking station models also double as keyboards and some USB adapters include memory card slots.

What Is The Difference Between A Cover, Jacket, Case, Hard Shell, And Folio?

A cover is a slim, softer protective covering designed to shield a device's screen. Many covers also double as stands, such as the Apple iPad Smart Cover. A jacket is similar, but protects the back of the device instead of the screen. A case is harder and thicker, and protects the entire device from bumps and drops. A hard shell is a kind of case that is made of hard materials to offer extra protection. A folio is a case made of softer, more flexible materials. It usually resembles a folder or leather book cover.

How Can Tablet And eBook Reader Users Choose The Right Case For Their Needs?

The first thing tablet and eBook readers should consider when choosing a case or cover is protection. Users who plan on using their devices at home may find a cover or lightweight case sufficient, whereas users who take their devices on camping trips may want a heavy-duty waterproof case such as the OtterBox. Weight is an important consideration for users on the go, as heavy cases may become bothersome after carrying the device around for several hours. Function is something all users should think about, as many devices can perform several functions at once. Keyboard cases include tablet keyboards, which are handy for users who like to type. Some models pack in external batteries, boosting battery life significantly.