Turn the tables with a variety of styles meant for multiple purposes. Whether you’re accenting an empty space or require a functional table for the sitting or living area, there are an array of appealing options that turn any space into a useful perch for a cup of coffee, vase, or lamp. Select from traditional or contemporary styles that enhance and accent your home while providing a much-needed service.

Smell the Coffeee

The focal point of any living or sitting room is generally the coffee table. Used for everything from holding remotes and magazines to becoming an impromptu place for a meal, coffee tables see a lot of use, so choose one with care. Select from round, square, or rectangular designs, and enjoy features like built-in storage drawers or shelves or a versatile lift top that you can use as a writing desk. A rotating table makes it simple to access items, while a clean chrome option is elegant and upscale.

Dining In

When you sit down at the end of the day to catch up with your family, it’s often done around the dinner table. Make this sweet spot stylish and functional with a dinner design that adds something extra to your dining area. Opt for benches or chairs, and select from old-fashioned, rustic wood designs or more modern glass versions. Available to seat a number of diners, some designs even offer a leaf you can install to make more room on holidays or special occasions.

Means to an End

In a large living room, you may not be able to reach the coffee table from where you’re sitting. End tables to the rescue! End tables are smaller versions of their coffee countertops that sit comfortably next to a chair or couch to provide storage within arm’s reach. Perfect for a reading lamp, these small but stylish furniture options may have a cabinet for interior storage or a shelf to add knickknacks or remote controls. Coordinate the end table with the coffee table for a pulled-together look, and pick from a wide variety of designs and materials.

On the Side

Also called a console table, side tables are versatile pieces that you can use as a nightstand, entry table, or end table. With or without drawers, shelves, or cabinets, these side pieces add just the right amount of storage wherever you need it, and complement any space in your home. Consider a standout side table to make a statement, with a base shaped like an animal or the Eiffel tower, or opt for a smooth wood option that’s subtly chic.

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