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Spruce up Your Outdoor Area With a Garden Table and Chairs

When the weather is nice, sitting outdoors with a snack or a drink is a great way to spend some time. Setting your yard up with a garden table and chairs can be a smart decision if you'd like to spend more time breathing in fresh air. Many options are sold on eBay.

What are these pieces made out of?

A garden table and chairs can be made from:

  • Wrought iron: This is thick and heavy, able to withstand extreme weather. It may rust, but you can find iron with a powder coating for extra resistance.
  • Aluminium: Aluminium has a similar look to wrought iron but is lighter and easier to clean. It's sometimes paired with glass table tops. That glass may be clear or coated or etched in a way that gives it a frosted or textured look.
  • Cast aluminium: A stronger brother to regular aluminium, this is rust-proof and easy to care for.
  • Resin wicker: If you like the look of wicker, consider getting a synthetic weave so that your set can better withstand the elements.
  • Steel: Metal is quite strong and stable. You can increase weather-resistance by looking for something with a powder coating.
  • Wood: It has a traditional look and can be stained for different effects. It usually does involve some upkeep so that it can continue to last.
  • Plastic: Plastic is an affordable option. Higher-quality plastic may even be stamped to look like wood.
  • Mosaic: Mosaic tiles can be laid out in intricate patterns, creating a unique centrepiece for your garden. The trade-off is they may be more fragile than other materials.
Are there storage options?

There may be some chairs that come with storage underneath the seats. These may have more of a club or lounge look, with thick bases and cushioned seats that you can sink into. Other chairs may come with built-in cup holders so that drinks can stay within close reach.

What layouts are possible?

If you have a small area to fill, you might consider getting a round or square table that can fit four chairs around it. With a larger space, your options increase. You could get a larger round table that could accommodate six guests, or you could get a long, rectangular table. These may fit six or eight, or even 10, people. There are also bar height tables for more of a cocktail feel as well as shorter tables that may pair well with chaise lounges or Adirondack chairs.