The TOMS brand began in 2006 with a line of footwear and subsequently released its sunglasses collection shortly after. This shoes manufacturer offers footwear for men, women, newborns, and children. Their women's shoes are available in sizes 5 through 12 with some half sizes available as well.

What are the size ranges for men, women, and children?

TOMS men's shoes come in sizes 7 through 14, with half sizes in 8, 9, 10, and 11. Kids shoes range from size 12 through adult size 6 while baby shoes are available in sizes 2 through 11. The TOMS brand also offers coffee, bags, and sunglasses.

What shoe colors and designs can be found with TOMS?

TOMS shoes come in traditional colors such as black, white, antique white, tan, cadet blue, henna red, and red. They also come in other colors like pink, purple, yellow, black cherry, aqua, navy blue, marine blue, dark bubblegum, tangerine, and orange mist. Some TOMS women's shoes also have a reinforced lace upper.

Designs in the TOMS shoes collection include gilded pineapple, sea glass, torn denim, white popsicle, embroidered drizzle, fern green cactus, orange citrus, Americana, watercolor feather, grosgrain embroidered, stripes, whales, flamingos, bunny, leopard, pink floral, musical notes, strawberries, watercolor hearts, and glow in the dark fireflies.

How do you care for and store TOMS shoes?

Before you even wear them for the first time, it is a good idea to coat your new shoes with a protective spray. You should store them away from direct light, including sunlight so that they do not fade or change shape. If they need to be washed, you should spot clean with gentle motions with a soft damp cloth and warm water and then left to air dry.

What types of shoes does TOMS offer for kids?

Kid's shoes offered by TOMS include:

  • Alpargatas: These shoes are available in both the girls and boys lines and also for babies. They have a rubber outsole.
  • Harper wedges: These rope-wrapped wedges were inspired by the beach. The heel height is 30 millimeters and they feature an adjustable strap. The upper is crafted with blue washed chambray.
  • Shiloh sandals: For ages 1 to 4, these sandals feature a toffee synthetic suede upper, footbed of microsuede, and a cross-strap design. The rubberized outsole features the company logo while the insole is padded.
  • Lumin sneakers: These sandals feature a gusseted tongue, heel pull tab, and elastic core off. The is made of rubber.
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