How Did Suzuki Start Out?

Believe it or not, Suzuki didn't always make cars. In fact, the company was founded in 1920 and started out creating small vehicles such as motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs. The now-successful company didn’t manufacture its first vehicle until 1955.

What are some facts about Suzuki?

Suzuki is an interesting company. Not only did it start out as an ATV brand, but the United States didn't see the first Suzuki automobile at all until the '80s.

  • The first Suzuki car manufactured was the Suzulight model. It was distinct due to the fact that it was powered by a 360cc, two-stroke engine.
  • Most people think of Suzuki as one of the smaller car companies. However, the brand has managed to become the ninth-largest automobile manufacturer in the world.
  • Suzuki isn't just known for their reputable vehicles. In fact, the brand is one of the most popular and reputable motorcycle creators as well.
  • During World War II, Suzuki was forced to reconsider their plans to create vehicles due to a government order. Instead, the company created looms until the decline of the cotton market in the '50s.
  • The founder of the company is Michio Suzuki. The company has stayed in the family, and is currently run by an adopted son-in-law of the founder.

What are some well-known past Suzuki models?

The first Suzuki model that America saw was branded as the Chevrolet Sprint. Not long after, Suzuki had their own badged vehicle in the form of the Samurai. Later, Suzuki entered a different market with the popular and sporty Geo Tracker. Other popular models included the Geo Metro, the Grand Vitara, the Sidekick, and the Nissan Frontier. The brand has also created a hybrid model as well as newer Volkswagen models, now that the company is owned in part by Volkswagen.

What are some features of Suzuki cars?

What Suzuki has always been known for is fuel economy. Some of its popular compact cars have been known to get 50 miles per gallon, which initially made the cars quite popular. Some of Suzuki's models have garnered awards over the years, including the Nissan Frontier, which is equipped with off-road capabilities. Some newer features of Suzuki cars include an aerodynamic style, a spacious interior despite some models' compact exterior, and adaptive cruise control. Braking features such as Dual Camera Brake Support keep you safe on the road.

What are some modern Suzuki models?

Suzuki continues to produce sporty, affordable cars loaded with features that make them convenient and comfortable to drive. Some of these models include the still-produced Grand Vitara, a popular SUV that's high-performance for all types of terrain, the Jimny, another SUV, and sporty models like the Swift and the Swift Sport, which have the style of a sports car. Sedans like the Celerio and Baleno offer reliable transportation, and the Ertiga hatchback offers plenty of room for families.