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eBay's Wide Array of Choices for Sustainable Shopping

Ever since eBay's founding back in 1995, sustainability has been part of its mission. eBay has always been a major hub for all kinds of preowned goods, aiming to not only secure customers a bargain but also to reduce waste and promote sustainable shopping. Here's some important information about eBay's many categories of refurbished and preowned products and what the site does for recommerce.

How eBay is structured for sustainability

Sustainability is an important mission for eBay and many of the sellers on the site. This mission is reflected in how eBay handles its day-to-day operations. Throughout 2021, eBay made significant strides toward becoming carbon-neutral. By the end of that year, just over 99% of eBay's remaining carbon emissions were what are known as Scope 3 emissions. These emissions come from shipping customer orders. Other parts of the company, such as its data centers, were powered largely by renewable energy. In fact, 90% of the power that eBay consumed in 2021 came from renewable sources, which is up from 81% in 2020 and 71% in 2019.

How is eBay committed to the circular economy?

The core of eBay's commitment to sustainability comes from its emphasis on the sale of refurbished and preowned goods . Sellers selling gently used goods not only helps get the most out of each product's life span but also reduces waste. The sale of preowned goods also helps more people get what they need at a lower price point than purchasing comparable items new.

  • Toys: eBay offers tons of ways for your kids to have fun while respecting the environment. Action figures, LEGOs, toy cars, model airplanes, board games, and many other things are readily for sale. You can even find vintage items and collectibles. Products from Mattel, Hasbro, Bandai, and other brands are all here.
  • Sporting Goods: Gently used sporting or fitness equipment like weights, golf clubs, fishing rods, and more can still be put to excellent use. Used camping goods are available as well.
  • Clothing and Accessories: eBay's selection of preowned clothing is extensive. You can find preowned dresses, shoes, coats, purses, and activewear for women as well as shirts, jackets, hoodies, jeans, shorts, and sneakers for men. Among the sneakers are even some collectibles like classic Air Jordans. There are also plenty of men's accessories like sunglasses, caps, and backpacks.

eBay also has refurbished products for sale in a wide variety of categories, including:

  • Electronics: Everything from iPhones and laptops to cameras and video game consoles are included in this category. Properly refurbished electronics can save you money and can potentially function as good as or better than new ones. Brands like Apple, HP, Canon, Sony, Dell, and others are all represented.
  • Home and Gardening Supplies: You can find all kinds of refurbished furniture for sale from simple things like patio chairs to fancier items like fire pits. A wide selection of refurbished home and garden care appliances are also for sale, like vacuums and lawnmowers. Lamps, beds, and kitchenware are also available in large numbers in this category.
  • Art and Collectors' Items: In this category, you'll find things like trading cards, comic books, and limited-edition sports bobbleheads. Many of the items here are not so much refurbished as one-of-a-kind, though some may be specially restored. Even one-of-a-kind autographed sports memorabilia like helmets, jerseys, or basketballs are here.

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Apple, HP, Canon, Sony, Dell, Mattel, Hasbro, Bandai, or Nike.