Supreme X Champion Hoodies & Sweatshirts

What You Need to Know About Supreme X Champion Clothing

Those who like to mix style and comfort will feel at home wearing new or used Supreme X Champion attire. These clothing products are suitable for sports events, casual wear, or loungewear.

What kinds of clothing does Champion make?

Champion makes a wide range of products fit for sports and casual wear. Below are various Champion products and the features of each product.  

  • Supreme X Champion hoodie: Made from premium cotton, this T-shirt-material hoodie features a front pocket where you can keep your hands warm or store items. Also included is a full drawstring hood that cinches up to keep the wind from nipping your ears.
  • Supreme X Champion varsity jacket: This jacket features fitted sleeves on the wrist and bottom, button-up snaps to close up the jacket, front pockets on the left and right sides, and a cotton hood that cinches up with a drawstring to keep the wind out.
  • Supreme X Champion crewneck sweater: This cotton sweatshirt style crewneck sweater is made for casual wear or warming up at the gym. With fitted wrists on the sleeves and fleece lining, it's designed for free movement while staying comfortable.
  • Supreme X Champion sweatpants: These sweatpants include a multi-color, ribbed waistband with a cinching drawstring and a back pocket on the right side. The material of the entire pant is premium, pre-shrunk cotton.
  • Supreme X Champion windbreaker: Keep dry in the rain and wind with this half-zip windbreaker. The rain will slide right off of this material and keep you dry. Featuring fitted wrists, a waistband with a drawstring, and a half-zip inclusion to keep the wind out up to your neck.

What colors do Supreme X Champion products come in?

Champion clothes come in a variety of different colors that are suitable to match sports themes or personal color preferences. You can find any Champion hoodies, jackets, sweatpants, windbreakers, or hats in colors such as black, white, pink, blue, and gray.

The signature of Champion attire

Not only does the Champion clothing line provide a range of stylish colors, but many of the products feature at least one black and red Champion logo for added authenticity and color. Some products include many logos and colors. Take for example the Varsity Jacket, which includes a black body with multiple logos on the sleeves and the back, as well as a gray hoodie. If you're looking for affordable Supreme X Champion products, check eBay for gently used options.

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