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All About Supreme Key Lanyards for Men

Supreme accessories are some of the most sought-after brands of streetwear. Founded in 1989 by British fashion designer and businessman James Jebbia, Supreme New York is both a clothing brand and skateboarding shop. Supreme accessories, like the Supreme keychain lanyard, are characterized by bold colors, the brand's logo, and high-quality craftsmanship.

How to find a real Supreme lanyard

The red Supreme lanyard is a hallmark of the famous streetwear brand’s look and feel. If you pay attention to the details, you’ll be able to tell whether the Supreme lanyard you are looking at is the real thing. Some of the key details you want to look at are logo font, print quality, and price.

  • Logo font: One common giveaway of a knockoff, or fake, Supreme lanyard is the logo font. The authentic Supreme logo should be printed straight on the fabric of the lanyard. Some knockoffs can be detected by off-center or crooked logos. Others use a slightly different font, with thin or italicized lettering. Check the lettering at the beginning and the end.
  • Price point: Authentic Supreme lanyards are collectible and pricey. If you find a “Supreme” lanyard for a low price, the chances are high that you are looking at an imitation and not the real thing.
  • Key clip: A real Supreme lanyard comes with a stainless-steel key clip with a plastic cover with the Supreme logo printed on it. The clip should be made of high-quality heavy steel, and the logo should be printed straight and clear with complete letters. In other words, if the clip looks cheaply made and the logo on the plastic cover is off-center, crooked, or cut off, then the lanyard is probably not an authentic Supreme lanyard.
Are there different types of Supreme lanyards?

Yes. In fact, new or pre-owned Supreme lanyards come in a variety of color combinations. All are made of nylon strap and feature the distinctive Supreme logo. Here are the basic color combinations for Supreme lanyards.

  • Red with white lettering
  • Black with white lettering
  • Purple with white lettering
  • White with black lettering
Supreme lanyard details

It’s the small details that set a Supreme key lanyard apart from other lanyards. The strap is made of nylon with the logo woven into the fabric. Supreme lanyards come with a breakaway clip for easy key removal. They also come with a plastic-covered stainless-steel key clip and bottle opener.

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