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Porsche Boxster Sun Visors

Porsche Boxster sun visors come in a variety of designs. Stationary, flip-down, and removable visors are all available. Cleaning your visors regularly based on the materials they are made from keeps them working effectively for your vehicle.

What styles of sun shields are available?
  • Sun visors for the Porsche Boxster come in several different styles. The Boxster has a shaded sun visor in the middle of the windshield at the very top. Often this style is painted on in a series of dots that gradually fade out a few inches from the top of the windshield. This permanent visor functions to protect the driver and passenger from glare coming straight in through the center of the windshield when the sun is high in the sky.
  • The second type of Boxster sun shields are installed at the front of the vehicle. There is typically one on the driver’s side and one on the front passenger’s side. These models flip down and also swing out to the left for the driver and right for the passenger to block the sun coming in through the windshield or through the side window. Typically these visors have a small mirrored component and a flap of plastic that either flips down or slides over the mirror to protect it when it is not being used.
  • The third type of visor is removable. These designs fold up, accordion style, to fit compactly out of the way when the Porche is being driven. When the vehicle is parked in a sunny lot, the shield can be taken out and unfolded. The shiny side faces out of the Boxster's windshield to reflect light away from the Boxster’s interior and to keep it cool. This may mean that supplies that would ordinarily melt may be safe in the car’s interior.
What materials are sun shields made from?

Porsche sun visors are made from a variety of different materials. The stationary version at the top center of the windshield is almost always made of paint. The two that flip down at the front of the car may be made from hard, durable plastic, fabric, or a mixture of textiles. Typically, the reflective part is glass and there may be lights flanking it. Folding shields are almost always a blend of synthetic materials. These may include a metal coating to be especially effective at reflecting light out of the car.

How do you clean sun shields for your Porsche?

The way that Porsche shields are cleaned depends on what they are made from. The painted shield can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth. Flip designs can be cleaned the same way if they are a hard material, as can folding shields. Fabric models can be vacuumed with an appropriate attachment or spot cleaned with a mixture of soap and water to lift stains. Reflective glass can be polished with newspaper to avoid streaks. If hard water spots appear, erase them with a mixture of three parts baking powder and one part vinegar. Let the paste dry on the small reflective glass portions before rinsing it away.