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Lexus RX300 Sun Visors

Several different types of sun visors exist for the Lexus RX300. Each serves a slightly different purpose. Cleaning your visors regularly will help them stay effective.

What are the sun visor styles?

A few different types of sun visors are available for the Lexus RX300.

  • Portable sun visors are designed to fold up for storage while the car is running. When it is parked outdoors, the portable visor can be unfolded and placed in the windshield to reflect brightness outside the car and keep the interior cool. These types of visors have a reflective side and a non-reflective side, often decorated with patterns or pictures.
  • Flip-down visors are mounted on either side of the front of the Lexus RX300 over the driver’s and front passenger’s seats. These are designed to flip down and side-to-side to block sun coming in through the windshield and through the side windows. These styles often include a mirror that is sometimes flanked by small lights, depending on the model year of the Lexus RX300.
  • Painted models begin at the top of the Lexus RX300’s windshield as a solid strip and gradually fade into clear as they move down the windshield. They are concentrated in the center of the windshield, between the two flip-down visors. The painted visor is designed to block sun coming straight in through the windshield, out of range of either of the two flip designs.
What are sun visors made from?

Portable designs are often made from synthetic materials and include a metallic finish on the reflective side. Edges are often wrapped in fabric for a clean look. Painted designs are fairly straightforward. Flip-down designs can be made from hard plastic or from a variety of different textiles in all sorts of neutral hues. The mirror is made from reflective glass, and any lighting is typically made from plastic elements.

How do you clean sun visors?

Painted, portable, and smooth models can be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove stains, spots, and dust. Fabric or other material on flip-down models can be vacuumed with an appropriate attachment. Make sure that the mirror is covered before you vacuum the visor. Stains or spots can be blotted with a cloth dipped in a warm water and soap solution. The mirror can be wiped down with glass cleaner. If hard water spots develop, mix a paste of baking soda and vinegar to apply. Wait until the mixture dries on the mirror before rinsing it away.