Why choose a Subaru?

One of the more popular Japanese imports on the American market today, Subaru is a favorite brand for many reasons. If you’re considering a Subaru, there are a few questions to ask and a few benefits to consider as you’re making a choice.

What Are the Benefits of Subaru?

  • Horizontally opposed boxer engine. This doesn’t mean much in layman’s terms, but essentially it means this is a flat-lying engine. When your car does need repair or maintenance, it’s easy for any mechanic to fix. Also, this flat engine keeps your motor lubricated at all times, and reduces vibration, especially on the highway.
  • Subaru’s fantastic all-wheel drive. If you live in a snowy area of the country, you’ll find an all-wheel drive car a necessity in the winter. Drive your Subaru through snow (and even ice), with its symmetrical AWD. This is a slightly different makeup than other brands, which feature a non-symmetrical 4WD.
  • Safety features. Whether you use your Subaru for off-roading or need it as a family car, it’s equipped with safety features to protect you and your family, like electronic stability control, four-wheel independent suspension, anti-lock brakes, and collapsible steering column.

How Should I Choose a Subaru?

  1. There are many makes and models for different uses. First, decide how many people are riding in your car on a regular basis. The Subaru Outback can seat five comfortably, while the 2019 Subaru Ascent can seat up to eight passengers.
  2. If you need to regularly haul equipment or tow cargo, this is another consideration. Again, larger models like the Outback or Ascent will work well for you. Other larger Subaru models include the Forester, and the SUV (Crosstrek).
  3. If you’re primarily using your Subaru as a commuter car, or plan to carry one to three passengers, you may want smaller models like the Impreza or Legacy. The Legacy also includes a 6R model with a 6-cylinder engine that offers more pep and power.
  4. If you plan to go off-roading in your car, the Subaru Outback is the most highly-rated of Subaru models for uses off of the regular road or highway.

What Is Subaru’s History?

Subaru was never meant to manufacture cars; in 1915, the company was part of an Aircraft Research Laboratory project. The first Subaru prototype was introduced 1968 under the name Fuji Heavy Industries. Known quickly as durable cars with advanced safety features, Subaru motors was a hit in Japan as well as the United States.With attention-grabbing ad campaigns in the 1980's, Subaru even more expanded their markets, along with an intelligent and economic design that consumers could afford. With models such as the Legacy, Forester, Tribeca, and Outback, Subaru models were known as reliable and dependable - and one of the best brands out there with four-wheel drive.

What Is Subaru Working on Lately?

As of 2018, Subaru is staying competitive by working on several hybrid, environmentally-conscious models and two electric vehicles still in the testing stage.