Strength Training Power Tower

Easier Home Workouts With a Pull-Up Tower

People are looking for easier ways to stay in shape, which means having equipment in the home that takes up minimal space and provides a practical means of exercise is highly valuable to many individuals. A pull-up tower provides an ideal range of exercises that can help tone and define several muscle groups while improving overall upper body strength.

What exercises can you do with a pull-up tower?

Pull-up towers are also known as power towers, which have become incredibly useful for those who are busy and want to stay in shape. Having a pull-up tower in your home will allow you to do several exercises in your home when you have spare time. Some of the exercises you can accomplish using this equipment includes:

  • Pull-ups - This consists of pulling your body up using an overhand grip, should width apart, to meet the bar.
  • Chin-ups - This consists of pulling your body up with an underhand grip chest width apart to pull your chin above the bar.
  • Dips - This consists of lowering your body using your hands to grip a bar a waist level and then raising back up.
  • Compound exercises - These are exercises using more than one movement to achieve desired results.
  • Lat pull-downs - Some chin-up towers may also feature a pulley bar that works out the latissimus dorsi.
What types of pull-up towers are available?

There are a few different types of multi-function pull-up towers currently available. There is a simple version called the portable pull-up tower that can fold up easily and follow you wherever you go. Several exercises can be performed with this particular adjustable model, which makes it ideal for most people. There is also the basic home gym version that has a modified captain’s chair for leg raises, dips and also has the chin-up/pull-up bar. For those who want to get more out of their equipment, there are complete multi-purpose pull-up/power tower options that can incorporate who workout routines on one small unit that fits in most homes or apartments and can even foldaway to slide into a storage space or under a bed.

Can a pull-up tower reduce gym workout times?

Individuals who have a limited amount of time they can set aside to visit the gym can have easy access to home workouts if they have a home use pull-up tower in the home. This convenient option allows them to utilize small spaces of time they may have during the day or evening to help supplement gym workouts to help reduce the amount of time they need to allow for gym workouts.