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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Video Game

Street Fighter Alpha 3 is a Japanese fighting video game and Capcom's 1998 release. It is the sequel to Street Fighter Alpha 2 and the third installment in the Street Fighter Alpha series, which is a Street Fighter II sequel in itself. Street Fighter Alpha 3 is originally known as Street Fighter Zero 3 in Japan.

How does the Street Fighter Alpha 3 gameplay work?

Street Fighter A3 is an arcade style two-dimensional fighting game. It features a super combo system. This breaks down as follows: As players attack, the meter fills. When the super combo is triggered, the number of buttons hit determines how many attacks are in the s-combo. This game is advanced in its defense systems as well, with the ability to block while jumping. The single-player story mode follows the chosen Street Fighter traveling the world to fight random opponents. This continues until they fight a final boss specific to their character. Half of the characters will face M. Bison in the end.

What is new to this Street Fighter Alpha game?

The third installment in Street Fighter Alpha introduces a fighting style system known as "Isms". A-ism is basic and includes the three-leveled Super Combo meter. On the PS1, PS2, and PSP version, the strength of each button pressed when triggering the combo determines the combo's damage.

X-ism, like Street Fighter II, uses a single-level meter for Combos. The advantage is that the s-combo is incredibly powerful in exchange for losing the ability to block in mid-air. V-ism gives the Street Fighter the ability to hit Street Fighter II style custom combos whenever the player wants while removing s-combos.

Who are the new characters in the game?

Cammy, who was featured only in a specific version of Street Fighter Alpha 2, has finally been added as a permanent character in the Street Fighter Alpha series. Brand new to Street Fighter is R. Mika, who quickly became one of Capcom's biggest icons. Karin is from a Street Fighter manga book titled "Sakura Ganbaru." Cody is the escaped convict from the Capcom game Final Fight.

Top villain M. Bison introduces his assassin guards, Juli and Juni. The Playstation version also has Evil Ryu, Akuma's stronger form Shin Akuma, Guile, T. Hawk, Fei Long, and Dee Jay. Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX for the Gameboy Advance adds Eagle, Maki, and Yun, who all predate Capcom's Street Fighter 2. The PSP's Street Fighter adds on Ingrid from Capcom Fighting Evolution to the other 37 characters.

What hardware can be used for Street Fighter Alpha 3?

The Street Fighter Alpha 3 video game was originally available on Playstation as an expanded release of the arcade version. It is also on the PSP. On a side note, the PSP version includes the basic arcade version without the system and storymode alongside the console version. On Dreamcast, it is known as Street Fighter Alpha 3: Saikyo Dojo.

The game was ported to Gameboy Advance as Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX. These portable versions are essentially the same as the console versions. It was included as a part of the Alpha series on Playstation 2's Street Fighter Alpha Anthology. Like most Street Fighter games, it is appropriate to use a joystick pad as a controller.

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