Step 2 Preschool Toys & Pretend Play

Step2 Preschool Toys & Pretend Play

Whether your toddlers dream of who they'll be as grown-ups or simply enjoy the magical world of make-believe, plastic toys and structures from Step2 provide a way to engage with them and grow their imaginations. Kitchen sets, workshops, playhouses, school sets, nursery sets for nurturing baby dolls, and ride-on vehicles encourage pretend play while water tables support sensory play. These creative products help your children develop while having fun and releasing their energy.

How do you encourage pretend play with Step2 products?

Child development experts say pretend play helps children develop intellectually, emotionally, and socially, all while having fun. Here are ways to use Step2 toys and sets to encourage your child to engage in age-appropriate play:

  • Get down to your child's level. Sit on the floor, if necessary, so you can engage with your child face-to-face.
  • Notice your child's interests. Is your child fascinated by dinosaurs, robots, babies, or building blocks? Follow your child's lead, and explore his or her interests together.
  • Start with a few items and see where your child's imagination takes him or her.
  • Demonstrate how it's done if your child seems unsure of how to role-play. Pretend to drive an imaginary car or take a sip from an imaginary teacup from the Step2 kitchen set.
  • Take turns with your toddlers. Instead of narrating or directing their motions, join them as an active participant.
  • Let books inspire you. For example, reading about race car drivers may lead your child to take the wheel of a kid-size car and race around your driveway.
  • Invite friends over for more fun. Toddlers tend to engage in parallel play, simply playing next to their friends and learning by imitating. Older, preschool-age children will begin to work with their friends to create imaginary situations and act out scenes together. Encourage them to collaborate and work together.
How do you care for your Step2 products?
  • Wash small pieces and accessories, like Step2 pretend food and utensils, in the dishwasher. Use a gentle wash cycle and no heat drying.
  • Hand wash larger or delicate pieces with cool water. Plastic and wood from Step2 can both be washed with gentle soap.
  • Make a cleaning solution with baking soda, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid if your Step2 products have tough dirt or stains .
  • Sanitized plastic items by washing them with a diluted bleach solution. Use a tablespoon of bleach in a quart of water. Don't apply undiluted bleach, which is toxic.
  • Place your smaller Step2 brand parts on a rack to dry. For bigger pieces, like Step2 tables and ride-on wagons, let them dry outside. Place toys upside-down or at an angle, which allows any water to completely drain out. For cars and wagons with wheels, spin them until you've drained all the water out of the wheel well.
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