Starbucks City Mugs

Complete Your Collection With Starbucks City Mugs

A nice way to reminisce about your favorite travels is over a cup of your favorite beverage. With the wide variety of affordable Starbucks City mugs for sale on eBay, you don't have to travel far to get a hold of a cup featuring your favorite city; you can start your own vintage Starbucks mug collection whether collecting every state or country, or even every city design. Let these souvenir Starbucks mugs help you bring back great memories of your favorite places to visit.

What are the different designs of collectible destination Starbucks Mugs?

The designs of the travel destination series of Starbucks Mugs have changed over the years. New ideas are released to share fresh designs of popular travel destinations.

The Starbucks Barista City Scenes coffee mug series feature black and white photographs of famous city landmarks. They even have large, bold lettering of the city wrapped around the mug and on the handle. The stylish Starbucks You Are Here mugs feature a city, state, or country in a colorful yet minimalist design. Starbucks even released You Are Here mugs of famous landmarks such as Pike Place and Walt Disney World.

How large are the City and State Starbucks Mugs?

The size of the cup depends on the version of the travel destination Starbucks mug collection. Collector cups in the same series would be the same size across the different designs. The capacity of these ceramic mugs can range from 12 to 18 fluid ounces. In fact, there are some Starbucks mugs that were made as ornaments. These tiny mugs can hold 2 fl oz. See the manufacturer site for details.

What to look for when choosing used Starbucks Mugs

You may be looking to add more cups to your Starbucks Mug collection, or you simply wish to enjoy these artistic mugs with your morning coffee. In any case, here are some tips to consider while looking at new and vintage Starbucks City mugs for sale on eBay:

  • Ensure that the pre-owned or collectible Starbucks Mug is free from any chips or damage if you want to consume beverages.
  • Look for the authentic Starbucks logo located on the Starbucks Mug.
  • Ask for as many pictures as possible of the Starbucks Mug to make sure that the design is still intact.
  • Make sure that the listing shows the size of the Starbucks city mugs for sale and whether it is an ornament or a full-size mug.
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