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What's the Difference between Engine Sizes?Choosing a Standard MotorcycleFeatures That Are Anything but Standard

Hit the Open Road on a Motorcycle

The road is yours on a pre-owned, new, or vintage motorcycle and you're free to take a day trip out of town or get away for the weekend on your bike. There are many reasons people gravitate towards these two-wheeled vehicles, and most people simply enjoy the feeling of freedom climbing aboard a bike and taking off gives them. Browse through eBay for offerings on standard motorcycles at multiple price points today.

If you don't consider yourself a standard bike expert, you may not know what the difference between the engines is, and that's one of the main features many people use to select the right bike for them.

  • Engines are measured in cc's. This essentially stands for cubic centimeters, and it's the actual size of the engine itself as measured in cylinder volume. So, the bigger the number of cc's is, the larger the part is.
  • A standard model's engine ranges anywhere from 250 cc's all the way up to 500 cc's and over 1,000 cc's. So what is the difference and how many cc's do you really need?
  • A bike with more cc's comes down to more power, which means you'll be able to go faster, gain higher speeds at a faster rate than bikes with a lower cc number, and enjoy a smoother ride that's less bumpy. When you're riding on pavement, it's a good idea to splurge for a bike with a part with more cc's to maximize your highway or street experience, and you can ride confidently over bumpy roads or even gravel.

When you're looking for a more traditional type of vehicle like a classic Harley-Davidson or a sporty Indian ride, there are a few categories that come to mind. These vary based on the frequency of your rides, the terrain you'll ride on, and whether or not you're planning long-distance trips on your motorcycle.

  • A cruiser is more of an everyday, general-purpose type of motorcycle. Many brands manufacture their own versions of these classic two-wheelers, ranging from luxurious BMW and Triumph models to more affordable Kawasaki, Honda, or Suzuki cruisers. They're meant for smooth pavement riding and can effortlessly handle long distance riding comfortably.
  • Another factor to consider is whether you want an older or newer vehicle. Select a model year based on the way the motorcycle looks, its features, or the model, such as the cool look of a Ducati or a Softail from any model year.
  • Some beginner bikes come equipped with safety features that may interest you more than the look of the cycle or the year, such as an ABS system or even a modern GPS system that may give you peace of mind when you're hopping on a bike for the first time.

The word "standard" implies something basic, but many of today's touring, sport, and cruiser cycles are anything but average.

  • Versatility - The thing about a standard, entry-level motorcycle is that you can customize it exactly as you desire. This is why they're sometimes called "naked" motorcycles. Add saddlebags for long trips. Install a stereo system. Create a comfortable experience by installing ergonomic seating.
  • Tech Talk - Just like all the other modern devices on the market, two-wheelers are moving with the times. Charge your smartphone, chat via Bluetooth, and reach your destination with a GPS system.
  • The compact and lightweight design of these bikes makes them simple to drive and control and create an agile, effortless driving experience even for riders who haven't yet mastered the art of riding.

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