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Stair Machines and Steppers from StairMaster

Whether you are looking for a model that will round out a commercial gym or you want it for home, the StairMaster has a model that can help you achieve the results that you want. The stair steppers offer a range of different workout programs that may meet your fitness needs.

What is a stair stepper?

This fitness machine is designed to mimic walking up a flight of stairs. It is similar to a treadmill in that the stairs collapse at the bottom and swing back around to the top, allowing the user to continuously climb. The machine is designed to help burn calories and provide a cardio workout while being gentle on the joints. Stair steppers have a resistance piston system.

What models of StairMaster stepper machines are there?

There are four main models available, and they are described here:

  1. Stair Climber 5: This commercial model is 155 pounds and requires a power source. It has 10 workout programs users can choose. It also offers two different fitness tests that professionals and coaches can use for clients. The step range can be adjusted based on each person's range and unique needs.
  2. StepMill 5: This model requires a ceiling height of 10 feet. This 343-pound machine offers the "Landmark Challenge Program," which allows users to climb a variety of different landmarks around the world. Like the Stair Climber, the StepMill consoles have several tests for coaches and gym trainers to use.
  3. Stair Climber SC5: You can put this in your home gym. However, some consoles are cordless, allowing you to reduce your home's energy consumption while still strengthening your muscles.
  4. StepMill SM5: This personal gym model has steps that rotate at a rate of 26 to 162 steps per minute. Like the commercial model, this console needs a 10-foot ceiling and a dedicated power source.
How do you use StairMaster fitness machines?

Using a stair stepper is relatively straightforward once you've understood how they work. Along with the specific instructions that come with the StairMaster, these tips may give you an idea of what to expect:

  • After placing your hand on the handrail, you step onto each pedal. Your weight will cause each pedal to sink slightly.
  • The screen will list the workout program options available. If you want to get started immediately, you can choose the "Quick Start" option. For a more custom workout, you can choose the "Manual" option and input the information. You can adjust the intensity at any time.
  • After selecting a program, the warm-up will begin. This will last up to 10 minutes or until your heart rate is in the intended range. After the warm-up, it is recommended that you stop and stretch your leg muscles. The main program will then begin.
  • When the workout program is completed, there will be a 5 to 10-minute cool down. This portion of the program will give your breathing and heart rate a chance to return to normal.
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