Stage Lighting & Effects

How to Buy the Right Stage Lighting Effects

Using the right stage lighting effects upgrades the performance whether it's a concert or theatrical production. At clubs and bars, using lighting that appeals to your target audience lets them have a night of fun. With the options available on eBay, you can find affordable lighting options to impress your audience.

What types of stage lighting effects are there?
  • Strobe: This lighting effect is characterized by steady flashes of light. Discharge times vary depending on which item you buy. Some models have discharge times in the milliseconds.
  • Washlight: A washlight casts light over an area spanning approximately 130 degrees. It's often used to light a certain area on stage.
  • Spotlight: A spotlight directs light within a 44 degree area. They are often used to track actors, singers, speakers, and other important performers on stage.
  • Moving heads: Also referred to as intelligent lighting, automated lighting, and moving lights, moving heads have automatic lighting capabilities. Concert planners often make use of intelligent lighting. Moving heads are usually able to deliver plenty of different effects, such as panning, tilting, frost, dimmer, prism rotation, and shutter. You could control them live, but they are designed for pre-programming.
  • PAR: PAR lights, also called PAR cans, have a closed off cylindrical tube design that emits light in a parabola shape. You can change the color of the light via colored gels. They can be used in commercial settings as well as for theater productions, concerts, and motion picture productions.
  • Gobo: This effect light consists of shapes and patterns. The specific types of patterns or shapes depend on what products you buy. You can even buy custom products in your brand's logo or another shape of your liking. The light effect is created by a stenciled disc fitted over a lighting fixture. They can be made of glass, steel, or plastic. If you want the projected image to be able to move around the event space, then you'll need to install it over a moving light fixture.
How do you choose the right stage lighting effects?

Factors to consider when making decisions on which stage lights to buy are convenience, usability, and desired effect. Be aware of how much the light weighs, whether or not it can be set up by one person, and the general installation process. If you plan on moving the lights around often, then you will probably prefer products that are lightweight. If it will be stationed in one spot for a long time, then weight probably doesn't matter much to you.

Affordable Stage Lighting Effects
  • Enuoli RGBW LED strobe light: This stage light has a sound control mode that causes the light to flash in sync with the music's beat. You can further customize the light effect based on how sensitive you want it to be to the beat down to which color will be reactive to the music's beat.
  • Chauvet DJ ColorStrip LED linear washlight: This is an affordable option for its type. This washlight has several possible light effects you can use, including strobe, dim, static, and blashout.
  • Eliminator Stealth Spot 60W moving head light: You can take this anywhere because it's small and weighs only 10 pounds. With 8 internal programs, 3-facet prism, and eight colors including white, you can amaze the crowd without a lot of hassle.

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