Sport Bike Motorcycles

Feel the Need for Speed on a Sport Motorcycle

There are numerous categories of motorcycles that range from cruisers to standard to dirt bikes, and each type has its own characteristics. Put yourself in the drivers seat and take control of your own speed when youre riding a sport bike. Step one is taking a look at the listings on eBay, which offer a number of sport motorcycles of different types and in conditions ranging from new to used to certified pre-owned.

What Makes Sport Bike Motorcycles Stand Out?

Though one of the main features of a sportbike is its ability to accelerate quickly, thats not the bikes only feature. There are other reasons why a seasoned rider or an ambitious beginner may want to hop on a bike like this.

  • This type of bike wheel is intended for pavement. They corner smoothly, feature ultra-responsive brakes for safety, and most brands consider a sportbike an athletic type of motorcycle.
  • A powerful engine brings this bike to life. A motorcycle engines size is denoted in ccs, and the higher the number, the more performance your engine offers, and models vary from 500 cc to over 1,000 ccs of power.
  • The way you ride this two-wheeler is different from other bikes. For instance, when you hop on a cruiser, youre sitting back and relaxed. A sportbike puts you front and center in the action, leaning forward and ready to take off.
Choosing a New or Pre-Owned Sportbike

If you arent exactly an expert on motorcycles and biker gear, you have to start somewhere. There are a few considerations to factor into your buying decision once you decide youre ready to take off on a vintage, retro, or new model.

  • Model year is a good place to start. Feel like running the motor on a vintage Kawasaki or a retro Yamaha or Honda, or would you rather have a new model year BMW?
  • Aesthetics are important, and you may want to select a bike based on its color, enhancements, such as fairings, or how the mirrors and windshield look. Theres nothing wrong with selecting a bike based on its coolness factor.
  • Consider your frame, riding style, and budget. A 300-cc bike will be more affordable and more lightweight, whereas a 1,000-cc option could be harder to maneuver, especially for novice riders, and cost more.
Brand and Model Options

One of the most fun parts of choosing a new ride is checking out what all the different brands have to offer.

  • For a high-end ride, select a new or pre-owned Suzuki, such as the GSX-R6OO, or a Ducati Superbike with all the bells and whistles and updated features.
  • The tried and true Harley-Davidson is effortlessly cool and never goes out of style. Some models include the Superlow and the Roadster.
  • Triumph amps up the power with their high-performance line of sportbikes that includes the Daytona 675 R.

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