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Splash Guards and Mud Flaps for Mazda 3

The splash guards on a Mazda 3 play an important role in keeping the vehicle looking good and performing properly. Whether your guards have become worn-out, broken, or lost, replacing them with new parts will help you maintain the value and cosmetic condition of your car. Replacing the splash guards takes about 20 to 25 minutes and requires a wrench and a pair of pliers.

How do you replace the splash guards?

Before performing this procedure, park your Mazda 3 in a secure location and turn off the engine. The mud flaps are held in place by small bolts and nuts attached to the wheel wells.

  1. Use a wrench to loosen the four bolts from each of the front flaps and the two bolts from each of the rear flaps.
  2. Replace the old mud flaps with new ones and tighten the bolts in the same positions as they were in previously.
Are these mud flaps identical to the original parts?

OEM products are designed to look and operate exactly the same as the original ones. They will prevent mud, dirt, debris, and sharp objects such as glass and nails from damaging the wheel wells of your Mazda 3. You can also find aftermarket mud flaps that offer a variety of colors and designs.

Do these parts come with the installation hardware?

These mud flaps can be found with or without the installation hardware. You can choose to use the bolts and nuts already installed on your car or replace them with new ones. The included bolts and nuts are designed to fit the wheel well of your Mazda, so they’re interchangeable with the pieces originally installed on the vehicle.

How often should mud flaps be replaced?

Mud flaps tend to get dirty during storms and long trips on the freeway where debris can fly up into the wheel wells and coat the underside of your vehicle with dirt and grime. It’s important to check your splash guards frequently. Checking them during regular washing is convenient. Mud flaps should be replaced when they start showing signs of where, such as cracks or missing pieces. This will vary based on how often you drive and the conditions in which you drive.

Do these flaps include the vinyl logo?

The vinyl logo is printed on these products to make them match the exterior of your vehicle. These flaps are designed for high-performance Mazda vehicles, so they have a sporty style and low-profile shape. The vinyl logo displays the Mazda speed brand name at the bottom of each mud flap. You can also find mud flaps without the vinyl logo.