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Jeep Wrangler Splash Guards and Mud Flaps

Keeping the paint and the exterior surfaces of your Jeep Wrangler clean, mud-free, and free from annoying dings caused by loose gravel or road rocks may require the installation of splash guards or mud flaps as protection. While many Wranglers come with factory-installed mud flaps, you may decide to upgrade or change the factory models for different flaps or guards. Installing new mud flaps or splash guards to your Jeep Wrangler can be done with a few tools at home but may require the help of a professional.

Do Jeep Wrangler mud flaps come in different colors?

If you are considering replacing the mud flaps or guards on your Wrangler with new mud flaps bearing the Jeep logo or brand, the typical colors for these items are black or gray. If you are considering installing a different mud flap or splash guard that does not bear the Jeep logo, the color options may be different.

What's the difference between molded splash guards and mud flaps?

When considering what to use behind the tires of your Jeep Wrangler as protection from road grime, mud, and loose rocks, it is important to note that while mud flaps and splash guards serve similar purposes, they are constructed differently and perform differently. Things to consider include:

  • Mud flaps are designed to move with the movement of the vehicle, and thus bear their name due to the shape and movement of the unit. Because mud flaps hang down from their rear mounting behind a wheel or tire, they can be pushed up by the air currents around your vehicle. Be sure to look for units that are heavier at the bottom to decrease the amount of lofting at high speeds and high winds.
  • Splash guards are designed to be static and stay in place behind the tire of your vehicle. In this fashion, they offer a barrier, often in a molded shape to increase aerodynamics as well as aesthetics. Because they do not move, there is no concern of lofting as with mud flaps; the molded shape of splash guards is also smaller overall.
How do you install Jeep mud flaps or splash guards?

Many times on Jeep Wranglers and other heavy duty vehicles that offer 4WD or off-road capabilities, mud guards or splash guards are factory installed. If you need to swap out the mud guards for a new set, the job can be easily done with a few tools and by using the already existing pre-drilled holes. If your Jeep does not have pre-drilled holes, you will need to drill holes for installation by using the new mud guards as a template.