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Hyundai Santa Fe Splash Guards and Mud Flaps

As car and truck designs and styles have evolved, people have begun to use the terms mud flaps and splash guards interchangeably. Regardless, both front and rear Hyundai Santa Fe splash guards and mud flaps are important for maintaining the health and look of the body of your vehicle. Whether you will be taking your Santa Fe off the beaten path or you are strictly a city adventurer, you will want the protection that they provide.

What are the benefits of splash guards and mud flaps

You can never be too sure what road conditions you will encounter, whether it is accident debris on the highway or mud and gravel on the back roads. Having front and rear mud flaps and splash guards that fit provide your vehicle with the protection that will help to keep it rust-, ding-, and scratch-free.

Can you easily install mud flaps or splash guards?

Installing front and rear mud flaps and splash guards on your Santa Fe should be a relatively simple DIY project, as long as you have purchased the right fit for your vehicle. Most of the sets available for the Hyundai Santa Fe come equipped with easy-to-follow instructions and the required hardware. The only complication that could arise is if rust developed prior to installing the mud flaps or splash guards.

What brands of mud flaps and splash guards are there?

Although it may be tempting to stick exclusively with the Hyundai brand for all of your replacement parts or add-ons, there are a number of other aftermarket manufacturers that deserve consideration such as Powerflow and Aftermarket Products to name a few. Research all products thoroughly, and to ensure the proper fit always use the correct year, model, and trim package specific to your vehicle in your search.

How do you clean mud flaps or splash guards?

You should always maintain your mud flaps or splash guards in addition to all car, truck, or vehicle parts. Regular visits to the car wash will go a long way toward taking care of your vehicle. Additionally, spraying off your front and rear flaps or guards after trips on muddy or weather-beaten roads will keep them in good shape and working effectively.

What other rust prevention parts protect the Santa Fe?

Fender liners are a key element in protecting your truck or SUV wheel well from rust, mud, and debris buildup. They also help to protect certain engine components, such as wiring and belts, from being exposed to excess water, road salts, and corrosive chemicals.