How Can You Properly Display Specialty Philately?

Many collectors choose to either frame valuable stamps for display or place them in a stamp album. Using a dedicated stamp album gives collectors the ability to organize their stamps based on country of origin, themes, condition, and year of issue. Philatelists can also choose to create their own albums by repurposing photo albums or scrapbooks.

What Is a Philately Maxicard?

Maxicards, also known as maximum cards, are postcards featuring an image, such as a historical landmark or notable figure, with a stamp depicting a related image on the picture side of the card. For example, a picture of the Washington Monument may be featured on both the postcard and its stamp. Original maxicards can be quite valuable, depending on their condition and image, and new maxicards are regularly issued by postal administrations.

What Are the Characteristics of a Cinderella Stamp?

A Cinderella stamp is a type of specialty stamp that is not issued by an official postal administration and cannot be used as postage. There are a variety of different types of collectible Cinderella stamps, such as poster stamps, charity labels, local stamps, and some railway and telegraph stamps. Stamps issued by non-recognized countries also fall into this category, as well as propaganda and patriotic stamps.