Special Needs Strollers

Choosing the Right Special Needs Stroller for Your Loved One

Special needs strollers are also called adaptive strollers, and they're extremely helpful for children and adults with limited mobility. It's important to choose the right special needs stroller so the passenger can enjoy life as much as possible. The following tips can help.

How do you determine which size of special needs stroller to get?

Any pediatric stroller that you get will have a weight capacity. In general, special needs strollers come in sizes that accommodate a wide range of children's sizes, from toddlers to teenagers. You can either get a stroller that is specifically designed for your child's size at that current time, or you can choose a stroller that will grow with your child. Stroller wheelchairs for special-needs adults are also rated for maximum weight capacity. See the manufacturer site for details.

Determine if you need a stroller that offers high or low support

The type of stroller that you purchase may depend on the physical disability of the child or adult who will use it. If it's someone who doesn't need a lot of trunk support or head support, you can choose a stroller that has upright seating. If the person needs a lot of trunk and head support or has issues with overall muscle tone, you might be better off choosing a stroller with a tilt and/or reclining seating system. Check with your physical therapist and doctor so that you can choose the right one.

Are there special needs strollers that are easy to carry around?

Choosing a special needs stroller with maximum portability is a factor to take into account. If you're a family that's constantly on the move, you'll want to have a stroller that allows you to pack it up easily and quickly. There are some special-needs strollers that fold up easily, but that isn't the only feature to consider when choosing a stroller. It's also a good idea to measure the dimensions of your car trunk before you buy the stroller so you can make sure it will fit.

Features to consider if you have an active lifestyle

If you have an active lifestyle, you'll want to choose a special-needs stroller that can go on the road with you, like one of these:

  • Jogging stroller: There are special needs jogging strollers that are specifically built to help you go jogging with your child, and they have wide bases and lightweight builds that allow the stroller to remain stable as you move, as well as shock absorption that allows you to travel over rough terrain without your child feeling every bump.
  • Transit model: Some manufacturers have created transit models of their standard special-needs strollers that allow you to easily move about town with a child or adult using public transportation.