What to Look for When Purchasing PlayStation 2 Games

The PlayStation 2 launched worldwide in 2000 with enormous fanfare and built a library of thousands of new titles. Whether you’re a fan of sports games, shooters, or platformers, the console has something for all gamers to appreciate. It is home to classic titles such as “Grand Theft Auto III,” “Final Fantasy X” and “Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.” You can find a variety of PS2 games on eBay.

Reasons to buy used PS2 games

If you are an avid retro gaming fan, then the used game market is the only way to experience these titles on physical media as they were originally designed to be played with full compatibility. Of course, if you want to connect a PlayStation 2 to a modern HDMI television, then you will need an adapter for component or S-video.

Is it possible to play PS2 games on Sony’s other consoles?

Yes, the PlayStation 3 was originally designed with backward compatibility in mind, but only certain models have this feature. If you want to purchase a PlayStation 3 console with backward compatibility, then you will need to identify the correct model name. This will also tell you the method of emulation.

The original 2006 launch version of the PS3 embedded a PS2 chip directly in the hardware, which is generally a more reliable method of emulation. These systems can be identified by the model names CECHAxx and CECHBxx. In 2007, Sony removed the chip from the PlayStation 3 but continued to emulate PS2 games through software. These systems can be identified by the model names CECHCxx and CECHExx. Any other models after this date do not have backward compatibility.

How do you save data for PlayStation 2 games?

If you are playing games on a PlayStation 2 console, then you will need a proprietary memory card to save your data. These memory cards, which can save around 8MB of data, are exclusive to the PlayStation 2 and will not work on any other console. If you are playing the PS2 games on a PlayStation 3, then you can simply use the internal storage system. To copy data from a PS2 memory card to a PlayStation 3, you will need a memory card adapter. Official memory card adapters were sold by Sony around the launch of the PS3.

Be aware of region locking

The PlayStation 2 has a region locking system, which means the console and the games must originate from the same region to work properly. The main regions are North America, Europe/Australia and Japan.

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