Sony Discman Personal CD Players


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About Sony Discman

Relive the 1990s in full musical glory when you drag out all your CDs and jam out with a vintage Sony Discman. Sony revolutionized portable music — first with the Walkman, then the Discman — and the demand is still strong for these pint-sized players. Fortunately, the vast inventory found on eBay offers both the Sony AM/FM Discman and the Sony Sports Discman. With the AM/FM version you can easily alternate between a CD and your favorite radio stations. The Sports Discman is made to withstand activity and has a heavy-duty case to help prevent damage if the Discman drops during a workout. All the versions of the Discman come with excellent features, such as a Mega Bass option and a full range of controls so you can easily forward or reverse to another track. Program a CD to play only your favorites while you finish classwork or get a report ready. You can either slip on headphones to shut out external sounds or plug your Discman into a mini speaker and share your music with everyone. For high-quality, portable CD sound that runs on two AA batteries, you cannot go wrong with a Sony Discman.