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Sony CD Compact & Shelf Stereos

How to Put Sound on Your Shelves

Many people enjoy listening to music without using headphones. One way to do that is to use a small enough stereo system that it can easily fit on a bookshelf in an office or bedroom.

What is a Micro Hi-Fi System?

Basically, a micro system is one thats small enough to fit on a shelf and provides just enough power to give you good sound in a single small room. Its very much a personal audio system for one person; usually aiming to provide background music more than anything. Despite that small size, many offer a number of features:

  • CD Player: Just about all Sony models feature a CD player. Some offer multiple disc support with a CD changer but many do just fine with a single CD option.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth is an easy way to connect your stereo to your iPod, so you can stream music to the speakers rather than simply listening to headphones.
  • Radio: While the audio cassette is largely gone, FM radio is still very popular and a common feature on stereo systems. It also has the advantage of providing news as well as entertainment.
  • USB Playback: Sometimes its helpful to be able to just plug a flash drive into your music system and listen that way.

How Do You Choose a CD System?

Choosing a CD system starts with figuring out your intentions. When many models have similar capabilities but slightly different features, its important to understand how to balance the importance of one feature against another. What makes this hard is that sometimes the importance isnt determined by the stereo, but rather by the circumstances under which you use it:

  • Music Type: Different genres of music have different sound profiles. For some people, bass boost is the most important feature as it can give them the beat they want from hip hop. Others may want the powerful sound of arena rock but dont need quite as much bass.
  • Room Size: Larger rooms require more powerful Sony stereo systems, and can benefit from features like Mega-Bass, while smaller rooms can be covered with a CD player that has little more than TV speakers.

Spending Time with Music

Whether you flop down in a chair and hit the remote control, so you can use music to relax, or turn it up to provide the motivation to get your work done, a bookshelf CD player is a great way to personalize your space. Its also a way to get great sound quality without the need for Wi-Fi or an Internet connection. All you have to do is hit play and enjoy the listening experience.

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