Sonoma Shoes

Buy a Pair of Sonoma Shoes for Everyday, Casual Occasions

If youre looking for a great pair of shoes that you can wear around the house, to the office, or out shopping, Sonoma has a wide selection of styles that look great and are comfortable. Take a peek on eBay to find your next pair of Sonoma shoes.

What styles of shoes does Sonoma make?

Sonoma makes both mens and womens shoes. Mens styles include boat shoes, dress shoes, Oxfords, wingtips, loafers, ankle boots, and casual lace-up shoes. Some of the styles that are part of the womens collection include ballet flats, casual flats, sandals, fashion boots with heels, clogs, loafers, and flat dress shoes.

What materials are often used with Sonoma shoes?

Some of the commonly used materials on the outside of Sonoma shoes include:

  • Suede - Suede is a type of soft leather that adds a dressier look to many shoes. It is most commonly used on womens shoes.
  • Canvas - This material is durable and can even be thrown into the washing machine.
  • Leather - Some of the leather is faux, and other shoes are made of real leather.
  • Patent leather - Often used on Mary Jane shoes, this material has a shiny appearance and is great for dressy occasions.
How to buy Sonoma shoes on eBay

The easiest way to find a pair online that will fit you is to go to a store that sells Sonoma shoes and try on a few similar pairs. While your shoe size is usually consistent, many peoples sizes can vary half a size depending on the brand. Therefore, if you dont already own a pair of Sonoma shoes, its worthwhile to find the right size ahead of time. When youre looking at shoes, also pay attention to the material and if the pair was previously worn. Leather and other materials can stretch to conform to an individuals feet. If they have been previously worn, the shape of the shoe might have changed somewhat.

What colors of materials are often used in Sonoma shoes?

Sonoma shoes are casual and are made to suit a wide variety of wearers. Consequently, the color schemes are often neutrals. Some of these colors include gray, brown, and black. Both mens and womens shoes come in these colors, but womens shoes often have more patterns and colors. Some of the added colors and patterns that some of the womens shoes have include metallic pink, burgundy, light pink, leopard print, and flower designs.

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