Snowmobile Tracks & Studs

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Snowmobile Tracks and Studs

Snowmobile tracks and studs are an essential part of your snowmobiling experience. These tracks and studs can change your riding experience and can help you to have a great time traveling on the snow. There are some guidelines to keep in mind when choosing the right tracks and studs for your snowmobile.

Why are good studs so important?

Snowmobile studs can have a major impact on your snowmobile ride. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your studs:

  • Quality studs can make a night-and-day difference when it comes to your riding experience. Your sleds performance greatly depends on the way that your studs are working and how much traction youre getting. Though some riders feel that studs are unnecessary, there are many advantages to having quality studs on the tracks of your snowmobile.
  • You will have better holeshot. This may be one of the most beneficial aspects of snowmobile studs. On hardpack, a good grip will make it less likely that youre going to spin out. Increasing the traction of your snowmobile is pretty much always a good idea.
  • Theyll help you have enhanced braking capabilities. Studded tracks are simply better at stopping, no matter what terrain youre on. Stopping quickly on ice may not just protect your snowmobile; it can also be paramount to your safety as a rider.
  • They give you a better ability to take turns and corners. The chance of the back end of your snowmobile swinging back around on a turn is vastly decreased. This will help you to accelerate through turns with peace of mind.
  • Youll be safer and more able to hook up on roads or in parking lots with studded tracks. If youre crossing a parking lot or going through an area with traffic, it can be extremely difficult to hook up with non-studded tracks. Studs greatly improve your ability to hook up safely on this kind of ground and to move out of the way of other vehicles.
What kind of terrain works for snowmobile tracks with studs?

Snowmobile tracks that are studded work great on hard, packed snow. Since hard, packed snow is one of the most commonly ridden terrain types, studs may even be an entirely necessary component of your snowmobile.

Snowmobile studs do very well on icy terrain and frozen ground. Youll get more grip, traction, and bite with studded tracks in these slippery situations. They also work well on the frozen ground or in mud that has become solidified.

Having studded tracks on ice-covered lakes can also be a huge advantage. When you are dealing with winter lakes or ponds, proper snowmobile traction is an absolute must. Studded tracks can be fantastic for lake running, ice fishing, and much more. You will be sure to have a better chance of crossing frozen bodies of water with ease.