Snowmobile Shocks & Suspension

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Snowmobile Shocks and Suspension

Snowmobile shock and suspension products increase stability and enhance handling during driving situations on winter trails. Many options are available for traditional snowmobile vehicles and those with turbo components. The process of equipping shocks and suspension hardware is easy because there are many suitable accessories that provide benefits during mounting situations.

Are special products available for thick ice?

The part that is needed for a snowmobile to work well on ice incorporates a spring on the rear. Ice scratchers are ideal options in these types of situations, driving on thick layers of ice. You can easily equip an ice scratcher on a modern or vintage vehicle without decreasing curb appeal because ice scratchers are available in a variety of colors.

Are options available for racing conditions?

If youre going to race a snowmobile, an OEM front shock pair bundle is worth considering. Suspension is vital to ensure that all riding is done safely. Front shocks will give you practical handling whenever the snowmobile slides over bumps and other environmental hazards. By maintaining a stable base, the engine will reach top speeds more effectively and efficiently.

Are special features included with some suspension pumps?

Air pumps that are built for a sporty or modern vehicle have a gauge that can detect a PSI range. The meter is always shielded underneath a durable housing that can handle icy weather conditions. Snowmobile suspension pumps are beneficial because:

  • The gauge can help mechanics pinpoint practical pressure levels.
  • Racers can make strategic performance adjustments by using the gauge.
  • The gauge can help families make tactical modifications to enhance safety.
Whats included in a typical bushing kit?

A standard bushing kit usually has 16 pieces that can be used during maintenance situations. Most bundles will include components for upper and lower suspension projects.

Are options available for towing or hauling situations?

In order to tow or haul heavy equipment, a snowmobile must have a sturdy base, and you can maintain a solid base by using any of the rear suspension options that are available. A low center of gravity is critical. A snowmobile at speed can lose traction and be overtaken by the weight of what is is towing. It is important to be sure that a trailer is not overloaded. For the needed additional power, rear suspension hardware is typically designed with hydraulic shock components that boost horsepower on rugged terrain.