Snowmobile Exhaust

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Snowmobile Exhaust

If you drive your Arctic Cat or another brand of snowmobile for fun or pleasure, its important to have the right exhaust system in place. The sled will likely have improved performance with the proper components. You have many options available to you for the post and pipe system that will improve the sound, look, and performance of your snowmobile.

What brands of snowmobiles do these parts fit?

It is always a good idea to check the manufacturers specific instructions. This will help to ensure that your sled is ready as soon as possible. The products will fit sleds made by just about every company. Some of the common sled companies include:

  • Arctic Cat
  • Polaris
  • Ski-Doo
Can you get certain pieces of the exhaust system?

If your exhaust is damaged or failing, you may not have to replace every aspect of the machine. Complete a thorough assessment of the situation to pinpoint the problem. In most cases, you can get the specific pieces you need to make your snowmobile operate as efficiently as possible. Your current exhaust system may feature serial numbers on specific parts, so you will have a guide as to which of them need replacing.

Are remanufactured parts available for snowmobiles?

You have many options to choose from when selecting pieces for your snow vehicle. There are many remanufactured items available. You can trust that remanufactured products have been rebuilt to meet industry standards. If you only want to have new components on your Arctic Cat or Ski-Doo, you can find the factory-specific pieces.

There are also aftermarket snowmobile exhaust systems and pieces. Each of these items is typically designed and built by another company, but the manufacturer will indicate which brands of snowmobile the items are compatible with.

Can you change the sound of the system?

The majority of snowmobiles do have optional types of systems that can produce the sounds you may want. You should review the owners manual or contact the manufacturer before installing any units to ensure that they are compatible.

What are snowmobile exhaust pipes made from?

The exhaust system must be able to handle high temperatures, so they are typically made from cast iron, stainless steel, or a form of carbon. Most of the aftermarket products use stainless steel options. As companies continue to improve their technology to provide better performance, some types of sheet metal styles may be available.