Snap-On is a Kenosha, Wisconsin-based company founded in 1920 that services customer needs globally and has a large selection of tools to help people working in many different industries. Originally founded as a provider of tools for the emerging automotive industry, they have since grown to develop and sell tools for a number of different industries including aviation, metal cutting, electronics, and landscaping. There are Snap-On tools that fit the bill for various projects.

What types of hand tools does Snap-On Tools offer?

Furniture, equipment, and other items found around the home or business are generally constructed using nuts and bolts or screws, and sometimes, the extra torque advantage offered by a ratchet is necessary to break them loose. There are additional attachment sockets available including hex, bits, extenders, and others that increase the versatility of this tool. Ratchet sizes range from .25 inch to 1 inch. Snap-On also offers other tools that include hammers, screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, bolt cutters, chisels, and crimpers.

What kinds of power tools are available?

Powered Snap-On tools come in three varieties:

  • Cordless: Cordless power tools are appropriate for jobs where an outlet might not be available.
  • Corded: Corded power tools can provide added power that a battery cannot.
  • Air powered: Air tools are for jobs requiring added torque or punching power.

Perhaps one of the most versatile power tools in their line is the drill. The drills come in all three varieties and have many different applications. In addition to drilling holes, some models have a hammer option for dense materials that require extra force, and they also can be used as a ratchet. They can also be fitted with a bit to convert them into a sander/buffer. Alongside the drills that Snap-On has, there are impact wrenches, air hammers, glue guns, cutting tools, and sanders available.

What types of tool storage does Snap-On have?

The company has a selection of tool boxes, lockers, and rolling cabinets in which you can store tools. These toolboxes come in sizes big enough to accommodate large quantities of tools such as those in a mechanic's shop or handheld models for keeping tools around that are considered essential. These tool storage units come in a multitude of colors.

What types of diagnostic tools does Snap-On Tools make?

For those with technical needs, some types of diagnostic tools available include modular diagnostic information systems, Scantool systems, gas analyzers, circuit testers, and fuel and engine analyzers.

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