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Snap-on Garage Equipment and Tools

If you're looking for high-quality tools and garage equipment for personal projects or you work in the motor trade, Snap-on offers a comprehensive range of tools to suit all needs and requirements. There are a variety of tools and equipment from popular hand tools and diagnostic equipment to power and air tools, each made with outstanding precision and durability for a range of jobs and projects.

Trade use

Snap-on is a brand loved by the motor industry for its quality tools and effective equipment. The range available includes everything you need to start building your own toolset or add to an existing collection. There is everything from simple screwdrivers and quick-release ratchets to impact wrenches and thermal imagers. The comprehensive range suits every aspect of garage work including fleet repair, fuel and engine management systems and general servicing. The range of Snap-on equipment is extensive and has something to suit all tool boxes.

Innovative technology

As with all technological advancements, Snap-on has developed hi-tech tools and equipment for technical jobs and fault finding. Tools such as diagnostic kits have advanced software capabilities including fault finding on newer and older cars, and provide efficient and accurate data for completing projects. Whilst other items such as power tools give a helping hand on tough jobs that require some extra strength.

For the love of cars

Whether you love restoring older vehicles or are a mechanic that works on newer cars, Snap-on can provide tools for a range of makes and models. Sourcing the correct tools for the job can help make turn a hard job into an easy task. To keep Snap-on tools safe and secure, take a look at the Snap-on tool boxes and classic storage solutions to keep your equipment organised and easily accessible.