Snap-on Garage Tool Chests


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Use a Snap-on Tool Chest to Organize Your Equipment

Snap-on tools are available in a variety of types and sizes, and the company manufactures tool chests complete with several drawers to help you keep track of them. eBay offers a range of the brands signature garage storage units in several configurations. Knowing what types of affordable items are available to you can help you find the right tool box.

What types of Snap-on tool chests are there?

Snap-on produces storage units in different configurations to meet the needs of their customers. Some common varieties you can find on eBay are:

  • Bags - A bag might use simple canvas or other material in its construction. Bags are designed to be lightweight and portable while still protecting your tools from the elements. You may wish to use a bag to store kits in your car
  • Cabinets - Tool cabinets stand higher than chests in most cases and feature at least one drawer under the main doors. You can find regular, bin, and combination tool cabinets with bins and drawers on eBay.
  • Chests - A tool chest is similar to a box but may be larger and include several drawers.
  • Carts - Carts have shelves and wheels that allow you to transport tools from one location to another.
What features do tool chests have?

If you have specific needs for your tool storage units, you may wish to see the available items that include the features you want. Some common features for these items that youll find on eBay are:

  • Power strips - Some cabinets may feature a built-in power strip. You can use this strip to plug in your power tools while working in the garage.
  • Peg board - You can use the boards above your tool box to hang up Snap-on tools for easy access when you need them.
  • Work surface - Some of these products may feature a flat space above the drawers that you can use as an extra surface for working on your favorite projects.
What materials does Snap-on use for its tool chests?

Snap-on uses steel, plastic, or a mix of both materials for most of its drawers and other parts. Steel chests might be heavier than plastic, but they are designed to be durable and withstand some damage if necessary. Plastic boxes may be easier for you to carry or transport. You can find items that use both components for a mix of portability and durability.

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