Smooth Fitness Treadmills

Smooth Fitness treadmills are designed for cardio exercise. They feature adjustable speed and incline settings allowing you to tailor your workouts. Some of these treadmills also have parts that fold up for easy storage.

Which activities do Smooth Fitness machines accommodate?

These particular treadmills are designed for running, jogging, and walking. Doing a combination of the three at timed intervals is also possible with Smooth Fitness treadmills. Workouts are easily customized with this treadmill because it has speed, incline and time settings.

  • Speed: The speed for exercise is measured in miles per hour. Setting the machine at 3 or 3.5 is a brisk walk for most people, while a setting of 6 is a jogging pace.
  • Time: Users can either do a timed, programmed session or set their own timer when they begin using the machine.
  • Incline: Changing the incline of the treadmill mimics the experience of running uphill. A higher incline setting means a more challenging experience.
  • Programmed Workouts: Smooth Fitness treadmills feature pre-programmed workouts. These usually have a theme like "speed" or "weight loss."
Why are there different models of Smooth Fitness treadmills?

Smooth Fitness sells a variety of treadmills. Each model includes a different combination of features. A few Smooth Fitness machines include:

  • Smooth Fitness 675i: This treadmill folds up for easy storage. It includes heart rate monitors and a cupholder.
  • Smooth Fitness 9.2HR: The 9.2HR has a selection of pre-programmed workouts, heart rate control, and a readout screen.
  • Smooth Fitness SMT-965LCI: This treadmill includes heart rate monitors, fans, pre-programmed workouts, a cupholder and a small tray for holding small items like keys.
What types of music players are compatible with these treadmills?

Smooth Fitness treadmills feature dual audio speakers and a standard connection. It's compatible with several kinds of phones and music players. Athletes can use headphones or let the speakers project sound to an entire room. Being able to choose the soundtrack for a workout is just another way these machines are customizable.

How fast do Smooth Fitness machines go?

Smooth Fitness treadmills have several speed settings, depending on the model. This is because they can have a different motor with different horsepower. The highest setting is typically 12 or 12.5 miles per hour. Some models allow you to change the speed instantly, without having to cycle through other lower speeds first.

Do Smooth Fitness treadmills collapse for storage?

Some Smooth Fitness treadmills do fold up for easy storage. These models include the 5.75i and 675i, and they may be preferable to people who plan to use the treadmill at home. When folded, they are usually slim enough to find under a bed.

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