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Buying a Vintage Smith & Wesson Factory Box: What Do You Need to Know?

Maybe you have a vintage Smith & Wesson and want a box to match, or maybe you value gun collectibles and are seeking an S&W box with a low serial number. Or, if you want storage with a vintage feel for your newer pistol, you might want a Smith & Wesson blue gun case. Either way, you can find the gun boxes you need on eBay.

What types of S&W gun boxes are there?

If you run a search for a Smith & Wesson box on eBay, you'll likely receive two main types of results. Many listings for vintage S&W boxes are for original factory boxes. These boxes are usually stamped with a logo or design. On the sides, most have a sticker with the serial number. Some of these boxes include manuals and relevant paperwork--everything but the gun itself. Others are an auction for just the box.

The other common result in S&W boxes for sale is the hard blue gun case. Many of these cases come with cable locks and other materials, making them a good storage solution for many small pistols. Both the box and the case can be used for storage, but the case offers more security.

How to select your purchase from the affordable Smith & Wesson boxes for sale on eBay

There are plenty of Smith & Wesson gun boxes for sale online. Once you've decided whether you'd prefer a hard case for a pistol or an original factory box, there are a few guidelines to help you select a purchase:

  • Do you want original paperwork? Original paperwork helps make the box more collectible. But if you're looking to save extra money, boxes without paperwork generally go for less.
  • Does condition matter? Again, for maximum collector value, a Smith & Wesson box will need to be in pristine condition. However, if the condition isn't a concern for you, there are plenty of functional boxes available that have a few scuffs.
  • Do you want to use the box to hold your own gun? If this is the case, it's a good idea to make sure the box will hold your pistol before you buy.
How to spot a high-value box

If you primarily want a Smith & Wesson factory box as a collector's item, you already know that you want a box in excellent condition. However, there are a few other things to look for when seeking one of these boxes.

The first is the low serial number, which means that it was one of the first made of its kind. The other is the rarity of the model. For example, some collectors seek police revolver boxes since they are less common than boxes for pistols made for the general public.

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