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Shopping for a smart speaker or hub can be complicated, but eBay makes the process simple and easy. Our extensive collection includes a huge variety of brands including Google, Apple, Sony, and many more! We’re here to help you get the brands, colors, styles, and features that best complement your needs and lifestyle.

What Is a Smart Speaker?

A smart speaker is a wireless audio playback device. Smart speakers have special features to enhance ease of use, connect to multiple types of audio sources, and provide additional functionality. Many smart speakers have voice-activated digital assistants and can work as an automation and information hub. Typically, smart speakers include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Popular Smart Speakers and Hubs

  • Google Home - Developed by Google, this device enables users to speak voice commands to interact with Google Assistant. Multiple speakers can be placed in different rooms in a home for synchronized playback of music. With the installation of the Google Home app, you can control your Google Home speaker through your smart phone.
  • Google Home Mini - The Google Home Mini is the smaller version of the Google Home speaker. It is also a little less expensive for those who want a smart speaker device without the high cost. The Google Home Mini is voice activated and can control other smart devices in the home. It can even integrate with many smartphones and make phone calls on your behalf using simple commands like, “Call mom.”
  • Google Nest Hub - The Google Nest Hub is able control any smart device, such as lights, cameras, certain televisions, smart thermostats (provided they are Android powered), and any other Android devices from a single dashboard. It gives you the ability to play songs and music videos from YouTube or YouTube Music, and even listen to Spotify, Pandora, and other music platforms.
  • Apple HomePod - The Apple HomePod is a smart speaker for Apple enthusiasts that adapts to its location and delivers high-fidelity audio wherever it is playing. This smart speaker comes equipped with spatial awareness. It scans the room and produces the best sound to fill the space with wall-to-wall sound. The Apple HomePod can save multiple rooms to memory. You can switch from your iPhone to your HomePod without missing a beat of the music.
  • Other Compatible Third-Party Speakers - Many other smart speakers, such as the JBL Link View 8 (which has a display screen,) are compatible with Google Assistant. The Philips Hue Hub is a hub device for other smart devices, similar to the Google Nest Hub, at a much more affordable price. There are many more designs and third-party brands available that provide you with the features you want at a more affordable price!