Skid Steer Tracks

Maximum Toughness With Skid Steer Tracks

Skid Steers are a useful vehicle for labor-related tasks like snow plowing and concrete mixing. With a skid steer, you're not just getting a vehicle that can handle these assignments, you're getting something that is customizable in regard to movement and attachments.

What does a skid steer rely on for mobility?

A skid steer will use either tracks or tires to move from one place to another. Tires are usually made to handle jobs in settings that don't have a smooth, even ground. These are often off-road environments such as construction sites and slopes, or wintry areas with a lot of snow. In fact, the ground may be rough to a degree where tracks are used instead of tires.

Where are tracks best used?

In settings where the ground is not even and the terrain is very rough due to rocks and clay, tracks are best suited for the skid steer. You'll often find a skid steer is favored in jobs done in the mud, high altitude areas, and the woods. That way, the vehicle won't lose stability or the load/equipment it carries as it navigates around the area. These highly effective machines are useful for moving around in these difficult terrains while keeping excellent maneuverability.

What skid steer brands can tracks be used for?

Tracks are attachments just like any other part of a skid steer. You'll find them compatible with a number of different brands that produce them such as:

  • Bobcat
  • New Holland
  • Cat
  • Gehl

All of these companies and more create compatible vehicles to place these products onto. There is also a large number of aftermarket companies that offer tracks for many of the major brands of machine equipment.

What are the tracks' physical properties?

Mobility parts are typically made from a highly durable rubber that can withstand various surfaces such as dirt and snow. They will often be covered in a type of padding, whether it's pads or tracks. Either way, both materials are designed to help the rubber endure any wear and tear that comes along while performing tasks in different outdoor settings.