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Side Marker Lights for Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat marker light products can be used to repair or maintain your vehicle and keep it safe when driving at night. If a car doesn't produce efficient illumination, you can resolve this problem and other issues by using any of the bulbs, headlight hardware options, and fog light parts that are available. Many lights are offered by Phillips, TYC, Wagner, and Volkswagen.

What are the specs for side marker lights and lamps?

It's important to check your Passat's model year to make sure you're selecting the correct side marker lights for your car. Parts for 1999 to 2005 Volkswagen Passat cars are built with a crystal housing that's crisp and clear, so light effectively shines through the layers. Black housing options are also available, and these units produce the same light intensity levels. Side marker lamps are constructed with a yellowish housing, and they have a frame that's sleek and stylish. These units fit Volkswagen Passat automobiles that are made from 2001 to 2004.

Where can side marker lights be mounted?

Lighting parts are designed in a variety of configurations, and each option is built specifically for certain vehicle zones. Bumper side markers can be placed on the rear right or left side of an automobile. Left and right bumpers for the front of a Volkswagen car are also available. You can find parts from Volkswagen, Brock, and other manufacturers to suit your vehicle. You can use right and left turn signal pieces to enhance many 1990s and 2000s Volkswagen automobiles.

What parts can be used to repair Volkswagen lights?

Marker bulb harnesses are practical products for electrical maintenance. Each item is designed with commercial-grade wiring components that can be configured with hardware that’s mounted along the front of an automobile. If you have a light that's damaged, a corner reflector can fix the flaw. Corner reflector parts are available for many 2009 to 2012 Volkswagen vehicles. You'll also find a variety of socket products for a side marker lamp. These Passat maintenance items are built with an adapter and a convenient harness.

What are the Passat designer lighting options for driving?

Depo Auto Parts designs side marker products with LED technology. The main material has amber design elements and smoky effects. These units are designed for multiple Volkswagen Passat model years. Bulbs are available for motorists who need to upgrade or enhance a lighting system on a Passat car. The most common LED bulb colors are orange, red, white, and blue. Bright, colorful bulbs that highlight a license plate are offered by Sylvania.